My first week and a half as a mom!

The last week and a half
have come and gone with the blink of an eye. I can’t believe it!
Especially since I spend
most of my day 1) feeding Greta, 2) sleeping when she sleeps (key!), 3)
pumping, 4) spending time with the numerous visitors, 5) burping Greta and
changing diapers 6) and just staring at her beautiful face 🙂 Where does the
time go?
Oh… and I’ve started
walking for my “workouts”!

Just cuz she’s cute 🙂
First, Baby news! Greta is a pretty easy baby. We are so lucky!
Most nights she will sleep 3-4 hours in a stretch and then start
“talking” to let us know she wants to be fed. She doesn’t cry very
often, which I know will change all too soon :). There have been a couple of nights where feeding has been
as frequent as every 1-1.5 hours, which has been tougher, but I consider us
VERY lucky to have such an easy baby!

Our first walk!
She went to her first
doctor’s appointment the Tuesday after she was born (at 6 days old) and weighed
in at 5 pounds, 13 ounces — 1 ounce above her birth weight. They usually don’t
expect babies to be at their birth weight until 2 weeks old, so she’s well
ahead of schedule! Go, Greta!!

Before our first doc appointment!
Breastfeeding has been
going great. I expected the worst based on the blogs and website information I
read. Greta latches well, feeds great, and it’s only hurt a few times – until
the nurses at the hospital watched me feed several times and gave great advice.
Since then, smooth sailing!
I’ve already started
pumping. There are conflicting opinions on this: 1) wait until 4 weeks to pump
so your body will produce to your baby’s needs and not any more than needed or
2) pump earlier than that in case anything happens to your milk supply.
I’ve opted for #2. I
don’t expect anything to happen, but there’s a definite chance that I won’t be
able to produce as well if I’m training harder so would rather have a back-up
supply just in case. If I don’t need it, great, I’m hopeful I could find a new
mom that could use the supply!

Before our first longer walk!
I’ve had a ton of help
the last week. Both Grandma’s came to help at home while I recovered from
surgery and adjusted to motherhood. The highlights were:

Making sweet potato baby food with Nate’s mom. I hope to make as much of Greta’s baby food as possible, and it was nice to see how easy it could be!
Now I’m holding Greta
close in a K’Tan wrap while Nate creates order in Greta’s closet. Although we
sort of had it organized it before she was born, we quickly realized sizes
between brands are NOT nearly the same — plus the new “girly” stuff
we’ve been gifted had just been added to drawers haphazardly.

YAY to organization!
Good thing both Nathan
and I are a little OCD when it comes to organization! It’ll make dressing her a
lot easier.
Plus, what’s more fun
than dressing a newborn girl in fun clothes?!? 🙂
Second: Workout update!
I’ve been very careful
to follow doctor’s orders. I’ve started with short walks in the hospital, then
increased my time/distance every day once I felt like it was safe to do so. It
has felt great. It helps that the fall weather in MN has been awesome!
Mon 10/20 (Greta is 5
days old):
 10 minutes up and down
our street
Tues 10/21: off
Wed 10/22: 31 minutes to the park (2 loops) and back, 1.5
miles. Mesa loved this walk since Nate brought her favorite fetch toy and just
threw it continuously while at the park. 

YAY, family time!
Thur 10/23: 45 minutes, 2 miles. With the MIL.
Fri 10/24: 53 minutes, 2.5 miles with the whole
“family” again. I look forward to our walks!
Sat 10/25: 67 minutes, 3 miles. Nate and I drove to
downtown to show Greta to Tom at Fit to Be Tri’d and then walk from there. It
was a nice change of scenery – we walked a little in the arb (off-roading it!),
through the Carleton campus, and through downtown Northfield. 
I *may* have jogged a
couple of steps the last .25 miles. 🙂 It felt great, even though it wasn’t
much faster than my walking pace. Note to self: I need to purchase a couple of
larger bras to train in. 
From the first day we
were out, I’ve been super motivated to get out everyday. I welcome that change,
as the week before I delivered I told Nate and Craig that I didn’t know what my
mental state would be after baby. Running 6 minute miles, back to back for
26.2, seemed impossible (still does), and honestly, I just wasn’t motivated to
push as hard as I had before.
Now that Greta is here,
I’ve found a renewed focus and dedication. I want to show her that mom can do it. I want to bring her to the start line at the
’16 Trials. For ’12, I wanted to prove to myself and those around me that I was
a better runner than what I had shown in college. Now, I want to prove that to
Greta :).

I love this picture. I’m burping her after feeding, and she is totally content :). Plus, I’m starting to look like myself after losing the crazy water-weight that the hospital pumped me full of!
I’ll go in on Wednesday
next week to get my incision checked and hopefully be cleared to do a little ellipticaling
and potentially walk/running. I am so hopeful!! 

More snuggles. I am in love!!
Until next time, Run

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  1. Homemade baby food is so easy and so rewarding! I loved knowing exactly what my girls were eating! Tip for running — always pump RIGHT before you go out!

  2. How long did it take until your incision wasn't sore anymore? My feet are SO swollen from all of the fluids. I need to get them back down. I can't believe how our situations become even more and more alike. Maybe a phone call is in order this week. 🙂

    1. I think I was walking for 10+ minutes about 5 days later, and then I know I stopped pain meds at 6-7 days after C-section.

      Hoping you heal quickly as well!

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