Personal Coaching

You’ve written off the idea of a personal coach. Right? I know I had. Will it really make a difference, too expensive, only REALLY fast people have coaches, etc. But, humor me and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you think you have reached your potential as a runner yet? Or do you think there is a *little* something more in you?
  • Has your training plateaued?
  • Do you go back and forth between being really motivated and then unmotivated for 2-3 days, then back at it again? Would you benefit from the accountability of a coach?
  • Do you find yourself injured frequently?
  • Need to take the “think” out of training? Would you benefit from having a daily plan so all you need to do is execute?
  • Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to do the “little things”?

If the answer is yes to ANY of these, please send me an email. Emails and conversations are totally free, and if I can’t help you, I’ll try my hardest to find someone who can. Honest. Really, though, there is no better time to get after it than now. So go ahead, draft that email!

What I offer:

I coach runners privately, from beginner 5kers, to Boston Qualifying hopefuls, to sub-elites, to OTQ hopefuls.

You do not need to be fast to have a coach. You just have to want to be faster. How do you think fast people become fast?

I am the founder of TNC Endurance (short for Team Nichole Coaching, background story here), and my mission is to help each individual achieve their maximum potential as a runner. I am fully invested in each athlete, designing individualized near-term and long-term plans that work the best for each athlete and their unique goals and situation. No one is the same, and none of the plans I write are the same.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed celebrating thousands of successes with athletes and can’t wait to continue to add to our PR and accomplishment list! Check out some of the TNC accomplishments on the TNC Results page.

I have been selected as a Brooks I.D. Coach since 2016. I’m very proud of this distinction as only a few are selected each year, among all coaching categories.

If I’ve peaked your interest in any way, please contact me at nichole.porath (at) to start the conversation. There is no better time to start than now!

Local TNC athletes meeting in Northfield for a workout with Olympian Caitlin Gregg!
Claire and Nichole after we raced the Fargo 1/2 and Full marathon. I’m usually pretty good at predicting finish times, but this time I called her finish time by ONE SECOND.

Personal Coaching: 

As those that have been with me for nearly a decade now know, I am really invested in the athletes that I coach, and as such, keep my coaching roster #s small so I can give each runner the attention they deserve.

Nutrition help also available, contact me for details & pricing.

What’s included:
  • Initial consultation to discuss running and training history and future goals, race schedule, etc
  • Detailed individualized training plan, designed a training-cycle at a time, but updated daily as needed
  • Feedback on specific workouts; near unlimited communication via email, text, etc.
  • Training plan review, discussion, and modification based on need
  • Communication to report results from training, have training paces or other specifics assigned for the following week, and to make any adjustments to the program/training plan that are needed
  • Strength routine guidance
  • Discussion of other training and racing topics such as: race prep, nutrition, shoe/clothing selection, race strategy, injury prevention, etc.
  • Careful attention to all things race-day related: taper, pacing strategy, goal finish time, gear, nutrition, mental preparation.
At the finish of Grandma’s marathon in 2014. Remembering coaching at this race still gives me goosebumps. EVERYONE racing that day notched unbelievable PRs, and I was so proud to watch and cheer for them during the race (pregnant, in my cow suit nonetheless!)

Coaching Phone Consultation: $75/call

For those of you that aren’t ready for personal coaching, but would like a 30-45 minute phone conversation to answer any/all questions running, this is a popular option! I will schedule a phone or Zoom call to cover as many questions as you want to ask from reviewing and/or editing your current or future training plans, questions on training philosophies, nutrition, race day goals and strategies, cross training, strength training, anything!-If you schedule a consult and end up joining the team, $50 will be applied to your coaching fee. Contact me to set something up! nichole.porath (at)

Gift Certificates are also available for Training Plans or Phone Consultations and make for a GREAT gift!
Run Happy, Dream Big! Hopefully I can welcome you to the TNC team, and start rewriting your old PRs, soon!