In 15 years of running, I’d never won a race. Never, not a one. After a year of working with Nichole, I won not only one race this summer… but also a second! Now I’m not saying that working with Nichole will get you a race victory, but circumstantial evidence might prove contrary to that. In all seriousness, in the first 6 months of working with Coach Nichole and TNC, my marathon PR was down 17 minutes. It’s gone down another 11 minutes below that since then! PRs have been set in every race distance and, best of all, she’s kept me on track to be hungry and ready to race more and get faster.  – AH, Texas
AH, Big Cottonwood Marathon, 9/12/2015. 3:11, a 10 minute PR and 28 minute PR from when he started with Coach Nichole in 2014.
When asked for a captain, he provided: “He’ll be running down the mountain when he comes” 🙂 (check out the course’s elevation profile!)

I have nothing but great things to say about working with Nichole. I initially sought her out as a coach because I was looking for something more in my running.  I wanted to hit new PR’s , have a coach structure my training, tell me what to do, and push me out of my comfort zone. Since working with Nichole [5 months ago], I’ve hit a 10 mile PR (1:10:08) and 10K PR (44:45); and I know we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible! Beyond the PR’s and numbers, Nichole is a knowledgeable coach who truly cares about her athletes. She wants to see us succeed, and will do whatever she can to help us reach our goals. She also sees the potential in each of her runners and pushes us out of our comfort zones to succeed and make progress.  She is easy to talk to, and is always available via text, phone call, or e-mail if I have a question about a workout or want to touch base about training. This is something I wasn’t expecting, and I love it. She also came out to my “A” race this year (since it was local), met me at the starting line, and cheered me on along the course. How many coaches take the time to do that!?  Nichole does, and she loves it. Beyond her coaching, she has a wonderful team of athletes and great “support system” for team members. She is so positive, fun, and upbeat; and I feel honored to be a member of her team! – LB, Minnesota

**Update** Nichole continued to coached LB through her pregnancy, and at 11 months post-partum, she cruised to a 20:00 5k. That’s over a MINUTE PR, while NURSING! She has worked with Coach Nichole for almost 3 years now, and in those 3 years she has continually re-written PRs, including after pregnancy.

LB and Coach Nichole right before she ran a huge 4:30+ minute PR in the TC 10 mile


The initial consultation with Nichole is really key to keep you from harming yourself. There are a few different kinds of runners with the goal to: Finish the Race, Run the Race, Race the Race, and Compete in the Race. I’ve ran a few half marathons but never took anything too seriously, so I was a Run the Race but make sure you can Finish the Race, kind of runner. I wanted to take my training to the next level, so one night I signed up for a marathon. Realizing I only had 9 months, and after realizing how much effort I needed to put into it, I decided I needed a personal coach. There are a lot of online coaches, but a lot of them just give out a stock plan, generic ideas for a training week, and don’t seem to have the experience or experimentation with marathon training like Nichole has. Plus, they don’t communicate NEARLY as frequently or respond with training changes like she does.

At the beginning, I was pretty darn slow. Like couch potato slow, 25-27 minutes a 5k slow (I am a 20-something guy who ran XC in high school). Part of the initial consultation was to decide where in my life running fit and how far I wanted to go with this. She took that information, and make a plan that fit my situation and goals. I appreciated that she didn’t force anything on me – rather, she just encouraged me to challenge myself, embrace training, and look at training and racing as an opportunity rather than a chore.

I suffered a set back early because I didn’t communicate with her often enough (I would just email saying “I think I’m hurt, what should I do”) so truly didn’t start training until January for my May marathon. I then realized I needed to communicate with her often, and being the helpful person she is, she would make slight tweaks and provide suggestions that kept me healthy, even through the steep ramp-up of training I needed to get ready. In just 4 short months I went from zero to a 3:45 marathon! Not bad for a first marathon, especially considering how little I had before starting to work with her. Plus, most remarkably, while everyone else was hobbling around after the marathon and the days following, I was just fine. I’m still surprised by what I could do with her along my side, she knows what she’s doing, that’s for sure.

Her plan made it easy to grab my shoes after work, and get out the door and not have think about my overall plan. It let me focus on enjoying it (well, sort-of), and getting my 1/2 splits down to 3:05’s, which for me is remarkable. Grab her while you can, she’s a great coach and mentor. – BP, Colorado

Where to start…

Since I’ve started, I have already seen drastic improvements in my mile time. My previous race PR was 6:11 to 5:38 just in workouts. And I also PRed in my 800 from a 2:43 to a 2:37 in a workout not even going 100%!!! 
Working with Nichole has improved my running confidence so much. When I first started working with her, I got nervous just about workouts! Workouts..not races. But now I know that she wouldn’t have given me a workout that I couldn’t do and that’s what I love about working with her! The workouts are really specific to help to get to your goals and you can see your self improving week by week.
Working with Nichole has given me the extra boost I needed to get to reach my goal. If I hadn’t worked with Nichole this winter I don’t think I would have been able to achieve my high expectations for myself this coming track season. I could never repay Nichole for the confidence she has given me in everything. I can’t wait to see what the track season unfolds because of working with her. – BN, Minnesota
**Update** One of BN’s initial goals was to break 16:00 in a 4k. Within 3 short months of coaching, she notched a 14:58. That’s right. Sub-15!

I have known Nichole for a number of years and have consulted with her in many different areas related to sport performance enhancement.  She and I have worked together in the development of mental preparation strategies and education to both collegiate and high school cross country teams regarding mental training, setting goals and pursuing one’s dreams.  Nichole has a clear vision in setting realistic goals for her self and others.  Her coaching approach is enthusiastic, positive and encouraging.  I know first hand, that her positive, engaging personality has been a definitive role model to a number of high school cross country athletes I have assisted in coaching.  Nichole is a sensitive individual who is able to consider other people’s needs.  She is also flexible in her approach and because she is a runner she understands other athlete’s needs, strengths and fears.

Most recently, Coach Porath laid out a three month half marathon training program for me in my participation in the Half Ironman World Championship held in Las Vegas.  Her plan was clear, direct and realistic considering the time involvement, two other disciplines (swimming & cycling) to train for and my level of physical fitness.  Her plan was immensely helpful in conditioning me for the run portion of the triathlon.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Coach Nichole Porath to assist an athlete to reach her/his potential and actualize their dream. -DRA, Minnesota

Nichole has been able to put together a plan for me that challenged me and that worked with the fragile work/kids/training schedule I try to maintain.  Her workouts were challenging and helped me achieve numerous PRs.  But the most important thing she did for me was saved me from me – she kept me from overtraining and falling off the injury cliff.  And her enthusiasm for running is contagious.  The same passion she brings to her own training can be felt in the plan she put together for me. -AK, Minnesota  

Since starting with Nichole as my coach in January 2013 I have seen huge improvements in my running ability.  Her knowledge of the sport and expertise in the field make her one of the best.  I am inspired daily by her enthusiasm for coaching and love for the sport of running.  I am excited for my future with my own abilities and with her help I know there isn’t a goal too high or dream too big! -CH, Minnesota

Sharon and Coach Nichole after we both raced the Chicago Marathon

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