Meet Greta Margaret!

I am so in love
People told me that your definition of love changes when you have a child, but until I held her perfect little self in my arms for the first time, watching her every facial expression and pouring over every detail about her, I didn’t really know what they meant.
I do now. 
I teared up when I held her. I still do every so often. She is so perfect. She is, far and away, the best thing that I have ever done or accomplished. 
A few fun pictures:
The morning of the C-section. You can tell it’s early and we’re both tired
At the hospital. One last check of baby to see if she is still breech. Yup! So off to the OR I go!
And… it’s a GIRL!!
Getting weighed. 5 pounds, 12 ounces! For some reason when I see this picture, I see Wallace Shawn.
Nate says maybe Wallace Shawn just looks like a giant man-baby. Inconceivable!
Getting measured. 18.5 inches long, head circumference 13.5 inches.
Happy and healthy! For not even weighing 6 pounds, she still has a very healthy looking double chin and plump belly. Go, Greta!
We’ve been so lucky to have so many visitors at the hospital. Here are Aunt Jessica (left) and Aunt Kristin (right), Nate’s sisters
With Grandma Colleen!
With Great Grandma Ann. Love her expression!

My aunt and uncle. I like this picture because Greta’s sort of smiling in it 🙂

And of course, a visit from a COW!!!! This was awesome. The cow suits come out for “A” races, and she was definitely my “A” race for the year!
Changing my first diaper
The first of very, very many

She has been such an easy and happy baby! She rarely cries (unless you’re changing a diaper or bathing her – that’s COLD!), and instead coo’s contently most of the day. This is in stark contrast to the baby boy next door, who is constantly crying or screaming. I know there are plenty of those days coming, but in the mean time I’m loving the fact she has been such a great baby!

Daddy’s girl!
I am so happy to be able to raise her with Nate, and cannot wait for the adventures to come!

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  1. Love it, I started to almost cry until I saw the comment about the guy on clueless…totally!! The video was super awesome to see. Being a mom is the hardest/BEST thing ever right? Thanks for sharing all the pictures and video super cute cooing! I showed Sierra, said awwww I want to see it again. So watched it again, then asked if she could watch the one with nate and baby, she was sad it wasn't a movie lol!! Can't wait to show Violet.

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