A Day in the Life

Before I recap last week’s training, I thought I’d enlighten you with my first “mom” morning.

There’s no way I could be anything but in love with this face!

8 am – Wake up and feed and change Greta. Back to sleep. I have a new *love* for sleep and naps!

9:30 – Wake up and pump, then feed Greta with what I’ve pumped. I’m trying to pump every hour for ~2 days to try to stimulate my milk production. Plus, feeding her from what I’ve pumped takes ~20 minutes vs. the 40-50 it was taking before (I think because she just wasn’t getting as much or as quickly).

10:45 – Pump again, feed. She was not too happy during the wait! Commence angry and crying baby.

11:10 – Change diaper. When wiping her, she decided to project a huge amount of poo. As in: think a liquid stream from a little boy, but now replace that with poo from a little girl. Same force/distance. Perhaps the same volume. AHHHHH!!!

My reaction was to put my hands down to stop it… but that meant that not only did it get everywhere but that I was also covered.

While holding down the wipe to limit spraying poop, she then peed. Awesome.

I told Greta not to move (ha!) and then ran to the bathroom to clean myself up.

Once we had the third diaper on (1st diaper was dirty, 2nd clean one was now covered in poop, so we needed the 3rd clean one), she immediately filled it.

Oh, Greta!

11:25 – We are (finally) clean and bedroom fixtures are wiped down. Everything has been brought down to laundry room.

11:30 – Pump, bring things to the dishwasher to sanitize during my (planned) run. Mesa cried the entire time I pumped because one of her toys was under the couch and she just could not *bear* to have it there.

Find dog toy. Pat Mesa’s head once or twice to pretend to pay attention to her.

Change into running gear.

12:00 – Do dishes

12:20 – The garbage disposal isn’t working! The motor whirls but nothing is going down. The dishwasher is also running, so after calling Nate to ask his opinion, I look back to the sink to see it FILLING!

12:25 – Quick! Hit cancel button on dishwasher! Take whatever buckets I have and try to take water out of the sink so it doesn’t over flow!

12:26 – WHY didn’t the dishwasher stop?!? I yank it open.

12:27 – Trips with buckets to the bathroom. Flush.

12:35 – Come back from a bucket trip to find Mesa on her hind legs, DRINKING out of the 90% full sink. I’m sure it was delicious since it had food chunks in it from the failed garbage disposal attempt earlier.

I literally burst out in laughter, bucket in hand. Welcome to motherhood, right? 🙂

12:40 – Greta is hungry again! I should pump since it’s been a hour. She’s not excited to wait. Except… I’m in a sports bra so my “hand free” pump is no longer hands free (need the clips on the nursing bra to have it work).

I decide to run upstairs to grab a nursing bra. I pull up sports bra, pull on nursing bra over the top of my training shirt. Wow. If this isn’t mom style, I don’t know what is.

… I also haven’t figured out the most efficient way to pump/clean supplies/feed Greta/etc. I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels, being busy but not actually accomplishing much!

2:00 – Finally out for my run! Ran with Craig to our voting location. It was my first time running with Greta in the stroller. It’s tough! 3 miles, 8:30-9:00 pace while pushing with a couple of walk breaks to catch my breath. 3.06 miles total in 29 minutes.

~4:00 – Now finally starting on coaching plans/emails/updates!

Good thing Greta is adorable, and that I am content to laugh off these “adventures” 🙂

I love our little family!

Now for a weekly training recap:

Mon: Off. Took a nap instead of a walk. This mom/nursing thing is exhausting!

Tue: 60 min walk. First half with Craig. Went 3 miles. I am a very slow walker.

Wed: 40 min walk, then 5 mins on the elliptical. I walked/ran the last 20 minutes of the walk and took the elliptical minutes hard :).

Thur: I had my incision check this afternoon, 2 weeks after C-section. The doctor was impressed with how fast I’ve healed. She gave me clearance to start running and lifting, as long as I use pain as my guide. She said there was no way to know how much is “too much” until I’ve done too much.

Chris’ workout for the day was 60 minutes of walk/running. I started out running, and took breaks when I felt my HR climbing too high. I kept asking myself if there was any pain, but there wasn’t. At ALL. Is this normal, I kept thinking?

I kept going and going… and after 4 miles I told myself this just wasn’t normal and I needed to stop (even though I still had absolutely no pain!). I walked the last 20 minutes to finished out the hour.

Fri: Happy Halloween! There is now a little “pouch” above the incision line, along with a little discoloration. HMM. I think I’ll take today off.

On the risk of overdoing the cow theme, we decided to showcase our complete family “herd”… might have had something to do with the fact that NONE of Target’s costumes were small enough for Greta… plus her cow suit is sized 6-9 months so it won’t fit next year…

Can you “spot” Greta? Can you also feel Mesa’s jealousy?

Sat: We went to the State meet and then to MIACS. Total running ~1.5 miles (no pain!) and 60+ minutes of walking.

We ran into Dr. Asp at the State meet!
As well as my high school XC/track coach! Marshall girls finished 4th!!
Appropriately dressed in our Gustie gear for MIACs! Greta’s hat needed to be pinned up since it’s still way too big. Leighton had his final conference race, which was really fun to watch — although I am so sad that his 4 XC years went by so quickly! 

Sun: 30 minute walk + 15 minute elliptical

= 13.5 miles (walking miles counted) + 20 minutes elliptical.

I’m so excited to be starting back to regular training again! I can only hope I continue to get stronger each and every day!

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  1. You are VERY lucky to be running and exercise so much already. It is going to be a much longer recovery for me. :/ Our dog has been depressed since we brought Cullen home too.

  2. Welcome to mother hood, doing 5 things at one time but nothing EVER gets done lol! That is a little more crazy than usual. Imagine having triplets. What does Greta think of the running stroller?

    1. We just have a regular stroller now, but it "runs" fine, especially now that I'm going slow. We looked at jogging strollers this weekend & I think we'll purchase one sooner rather than later. Just hoping to find one used – they're spendy!

  3. The motherhood routines will figure themselves out but in the interim I promise you that you will go out in public with poop and/or pee on you and not think twice about it! And with my incision, running never aggravated it, it was lifting things (like a 3 year old brother) or doing core work too soon that bothered it. When you do too much, trust me, you'll know! Sharp, shooting pain. It doesn't creep up on you.

    1. Good to know on pain. I feel like so far I've done well to keep it under control, but obviously would like to be doing as much as I "can" now… oh, runner brain 🙂

      Hope you're recovering well after Chicago/your intl trip!!

  4. I received Advice f a friend that worked for me re: pumping. Buy extra parts and pump into the medella bags rather than bottles. She also recommended rinsing the parts and placing them in a ziplock storage bag and placing them in the refridge do u could use them a second time. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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