Long run soreness

Ahh, I’ve forgotten what this feels like! I did an 18.5 miler today. It’s been a heavy 4 days: 15 miles Monday, 8 miles easy Tuesday, 10 Wednesday w/ 4 at threshold, and then a long 18.5. 50.5 miles in 4 days, my legs are saying? They’re just a little achy-sore right now. Should be fine by tomorrow, but I’ve forgotten how much I like (and dislike at the same time) this feeling.

I clipped along during the run. Amazing how easy running on the flats feels now that I’ve done most of my winter running on the “hill”. 7:35s consistently on the flats today, without much of an effort. Yeah!!

I brought Ellie with, not knowing if she’d be able to take it. She was SOO excited to get out for a run. What a nut. I sat at the computer in my running clothes for about 5 minutes mapping out a run and all she did was cry, whine, and try to nudge me to get my attention. I wasn’t sure how she’d take the run, but she did great! She’s learned to run alongside me really well, doing the whole 18.5 with me. She was practically falling asleep as I toweled her off after the run, though — wore her out a little bit :).

I really need to find a good long run route around Red Wing. During the winter their bike paths aren’t plowed, so the only real footing is on the roads. Today I ran down “the hill” to highway 61, which isn’t bad, but there was a lot of traffic. There are a couple of bridges along that road where the shoulder disappears… not the safest running, especially with a dog tied to your waist who could be easily spooked by a big semi going at 60+ mph. Hmm.

P.S. I am really excited for SPRING! Or at least the sun 🙂

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