Feeling stronger!

The first week back from being sick I managed 65 miles. Like I said in my earlier post, I noticed some weird things with my HR.

I think it was because I was still getting over whatever I had. Over the weekend I was in Denver, running at altitude. I was taking it easy, out for an 8 miler, when I crest a hill and stop at a light. All of a sudden I feel really dizzy and start to go black. I immediately brought myself to the ground to sit. I’m breathing REALLY hard, which is odd because when I was running I was breathing normally. My HR also feels out of control.

That’s a little scary. I headed back, nice and easy. Since then, though, things have been a lot better. The first run after that episode my lungs and heart felt weak, but only for the first part of the run. I haven’t felt anything since (whew! I was sort of worried!!) Like I said, I just think I hadn’t kicked whatever I had. It took just about a month!!

The start of this week (which will be 75 miles) has been a lot better. I started off with a 15 miler (which was only going to be 10-12, but I felt good so decided to take advantage of it), then an 8 mile recovery day, then a 10 mile with 4 miles at threshold. The threshold felt GREAT. My lungs finally felt strong and in control. 6:40-6:43 miles up the “hill”, which I consider to be pretty good. It’ll be fun to see what that equates to on a flat run!

My legs are getting stronger by the day as well. Glad it’s coming back relatively quick. It also helps that the days are longer and we’ve had decent weather lately — nothing like a hard threshold run with the sun shining and 20 degree temps! I’m excited to hit 75 miles this week. It’s a much needed mileage week: Fargo is less than 4 months away!

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