Chapter 2 – O. M. G. part 2

In the spirit of yesterday’s post, here are details on some of the recent updates and happenings.

  • – Running! I did my first hard workout yesterday at the Carleton arb. It was 10 x 60 seconds with 90 seconds recovery. I think it went well… as well it can go for someone that is just starting to train again. I think I need to learn how to pace better. I haven’t looked at my data, but I think that’s what I’ll see. Today I ran 5 miles, nice and easy, in 42:29.
  • I was lucky today to run with my friend Teresa. She’s super cool. She is my age, was a D3 All-American (steeplechase), just moved in with her boyfriend Marco into Craig’s house so she lives a mile away from me. In typical Nichole fashion, I started to help her organize her bathroom because I wanted to help (and she is super cool, like I mentioned).
  • But, I took too long to finish it… so she had to finish it herself. Ug! Grr! So, now I need to find ANOTHER project to help her with. One that I both start AND finish. Hmmm. Ideas? I need a small room, a small task, and a fun way to do it. Ready… set… go!
  • ย 
  • – We need to take an 11 month old picture for Greta! But, she needed to go to bed before we had a chance to snap a picture. So, that gets put on the “to-do” list for tomorrow. Here’s what she looked like last month.
This is what she looked like last month!
But, really, taking photos of her now mostly devolves into a game of her trying to eat the sticker.
  • – I interviewed for what I think is a perfect out-of-the-house position. I am going to follow up with them tomorrow (Thursday) because I really want the job. It’s so perfect! It’s a part-time finance job at our church, Bethel Lutheran in Northfield. Not only is it part time, it’s in a field I love, the hours are flexible, it’s close to home so I can drive in about 10 minutes or bike over (not sure how long that will take). How lucky am I?!? Now please, let me hear great news back next week from them…
  • – I went to a VIP event today at Zupas, a new (awesome!) restaurant opening up in Woodbury in October. I can’t wait to write a blog about it and to have everyone that lives around that area visit it! Great food, big portions, clean atmosphere!
– Last week, I had the chance to make a quilt top for an American soldier returning fromย Afghanistan.ย He was returning in less than 7 days, so time was short. Could we do it? We did!
I loved doing it: communicating with the client (his future Mother in Law) to figure out their needs and wants, buying the fabric, planning the pattern out from scratch, cutting, and finally piecing and sewing it all together.

I loved the entire process. All of it.
It turned out GREAT.
I even sent the quilt cutely packaged up.

All for now!

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  1. I love reading your blog!!! So glad you are back ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to come and join you for an "easy" day in Northfield this fall! I had two distance sessions yesterday (nothing too exciting).

    1. I would LOVE to have you down! I'll send you a quick note to see what your schedule looks like! Plus, you need to play with Greta — and she needs her "gift" from her favorite speedy skier!

  2. Might actually be my first week off since giving birth….๐Ÿ˜–. Or I might hit the dreadmill in the hotel later. Lots of house shopping going on here! Good for you getting back at it! Are you sore at all?

  3. I did 6 x 1500 m intervals on a rowing machine. These workouts are based on your "ask the coach" blog, where Caitlin Gregg as a "guest coach" gave the thumbs up for rowing as a good compliment to rollerskiing. It is working great and I am gunning for a wave 1 qualifier at the Birkie this winter. So thank you for the forum!!

  4. Went on a run in Boulder (5,500 feet) expecting to run a mile, ended up running 2.5 on an adventurous loop. One of those, this should get me back there, I believe I saw a trail looping around. It didn't. ended up running next to traffic, sun beating down on me (it's fairly intense here). Glad I did it though, it was good to get out and do something different.

    It's interesting how the summer at your place really helps encourage me to take that turn and make it a little longer. Because hey, why not.

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