O. M. G.

This is the first post of many that you will see from me over the course of… well, until the story is told! That’s what I’m thinking about now, anyway.

I may think something different tomorrow, but at least you’ve been warned.

Reading to Greta!
What story, you ask?

The “you can’t make this stuff up, roller coaster that has been my life lately” story. Let’s start there, shall we?!? Maybe it’s a continuation of my entire life story, which has partially been written about here.

The important part to know is that I am doing really well now, and life is good.

I love her sailor outfit. She is so little in this picture 🙂
It’s probably going to be long, which is why I’m thinking I might write this in chapters (posts? Ha, how convenient!). I’m ready to start the story today, here, and continue. I can’t promise daily posts, obviously. Some may be short, some may be long.

I can promise you that they will try to tell y’all what I’ve been up to lately and what I think I’m going to be doing in the future.

There have been a ton of odd coincidences within the last few days. I know they’re a product of what happened the last week or two. Which is a result of the past few months, years, yada yada yada.

I want to find these somewhere and purchase them. I saw a set of them at a cabin in Wisconsin. Give me a lead if you know anything!

Within the last three days:

  • – I did my first hard workout since – well, probably since my last blog post!
  • – Greta turned 11 months old (today!)
  • – I interviewed for what I think is a perfect out-of-the-house position
  • – A house that I LOVE came up for sale. Don’t think we are going to move, but it’s just cool to be able to walk through it!
  • – This list could take me a while to finish, so I’ll leave it at this and finish it tomorrow (Wednesday). That might be chapter 2.

The workout went great!! It was short, sweet, and too the point, and I was blessed with the company of three great friends. Details also coming later.

Time is running short for me now, so I’ll sign off and continue the story tomorrow 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of what I hope to write about.

That is, if anyone is still here, reading this! Maybe if you are still here, comment or something? So I don’t take a lot of time blogging into the abyss.

Fast and the Furry 5k, May 2015. I sort of hate this picture because I can tell I’m out of shape and still carrying baby weight. But Mesa looks really good, and she deserves great blog photos posted here too! Oh, and I also really don’t care that I’m out of shape and chubbier in this picture. I’m freakin’ 7 months post-partum and just grew a HUMAN inside of me.

Happy baby. Hopefully this picture is “legal” according to the naked baby picture rules out there…
What are the “posting naked baby pictures online” rules anyway? Should I care? Let me know if I should and where to look.
I love this little one! Can you tell? I also love my smile here!
Let’s clean this basement! Ahem, by that, I mean: paint, move things around, think about how to better organize EVERYTHING: closets, workout room, sewing desk. Nathan is such a patient man, agreeing to start my crazy ideas even though they are never as small as I think they’re going to be. I think they always turn out great (I also think I’m biased), and the process is fun (most of the time)… but our basement still needs to be put back together. Still.
Thanks, Nathan.
Oh, lil’ G! The adventures we will have!
Ummmm… the best picture of me you’ll ever see. Which might follow a fun chapter here. Or it might not. This one is small because it is UGLY and I shouldn’t even post it here. Yet I just did… hmm…
Upside down and I don’t have time to flip it. I’ll flip it when this chapter is written?
Go ‘Merica
Tia (aunt) Jessica and lil’ G
Dad, you aren’t feeding me fast enough!
Time is running short for me now, so I’ll sign off and continue the story tomorrow!
My hair is getting long. I’m not sure if I like it long or if I should cut it short again? Maybe THAT can be what you comment on below 🙂

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  1. Now I know why I hadn't seen your name in race results for awhile! Good to hear you are doing well now and looking forward to reading additional chapters/posts.
    Gloria J

  2. As your #1 fan, i love to hear updates! Small or big. The picture of you and Greta by the lake is classic, loves it. I'm so happy for you. Life IS good. Wow i can't believe greta will be one SOON!

  3. You and your daughter look wonderful and happy so that is a good sign.
    You will do speed workouts and races when the time is right. Take your time and as many posts as possible.

  4. Oh girl….you look great in the bikini shot! Much fitter than my post baby body!!! Of course I'm still creeping on here!!!! Hopefully I can have you work me more later too!!!

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