World’s healthiest chocolate chip cookies

I’m a dessert/chocolate addict, so figured I had to give these a try.  Worlds healthiest?  I’ll bite based on the title.  I fully expected cardboard with a little chocolate, which is how every other “healthy” cookie I’ve made has tasted.


Need some food blogging training, obviously!

They were GREAT!  Like, super great!!!

Even Nate liked them!  “Tastes like a real cookie!”

Ultimate test – he loves his food!


We’ll be making these regularly.  I won’t throw away our recipe with shortening, heaping amounts of brown and white sugar and eggs… but think it might be a while until I pull it out again! Plus, it’s nice that I could just make a small batch like this 8, or even halve it and make just 4 (since, let’s be honest, cookies are best when fresh out of the oven).

135 calories per cookie.  And 50 of those calories are from oatmeal!  Note:  I used 4 splenda packets in place of the white sugar.  I also used vanilla flavored almond milk (unsweetened) in place of regular milk.

Double this recipe to make 8 cookies (per our cookie scoop).

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