7:30 miles felt GREAT!

Just under 4 miles last night at about 7:30 pace, and it felt great! I’m getting more efficient with my running (vs. a couple weeks ago where you feel awkward, your legs don’t really remember how to move right, etc) & getting stronger. I think the biking has really helped the lungs too — I wasn’t breathing or working hard out there. I was surprised at how well last night went, for how little running I’ve done.

I still have a little trouble when I’m going downhill (I think that bothers the hip/leg joint), but I can tell immediately when I need to stop/stretch/get adjusted. Right now I’m also being really picky — I want to completely get over this so I don’t have to be cautious about it when I ramp up training for Chicago.

So, looks like I’m well on my way! YEAH!!! Now time to sketch out a tentative training plan for the summer (how fun!) & set my sights on Chicago!

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