I am SO excited!

I am so blessed to have received a generous invite from the Whidbey Island marathon to be their featured Expo speaker this April! I can’t tell you how excited this makes me – I love nothing more than to be out in the running community and presenting my story in hopes that it inspires others to dream big.  Plus, I get to travel to Washington!  How fun is that?!?

I’ll be flying out to Washington for the weekend (Nate decided it was too much fun to miss out, so he’ll be coming with), presenting twice at their expo, and then running their marathon as a hard workout (plan for that yet to be written).  My best friend Jane lives nearby, so I’m hoping I can spend a lot of time with her as well (Wish there was a kids’ race, I would totally run it with her son Bennett!).

Anyone want to come out with me? 🙂

(I can’t hide my excitement over this. This is exactly what I dreamed I could be doing when I left Red Wing – to be traveling, speaking, and running and racing to my heart’s content.  Truly, dreams do come true!)

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