55 mile week!

I survived last week’s 50 mile week. So it’s just natural that my coach would increase things to 55 this week, right?

It’s hard to believe that I was running 100/week consistently not too long ago!

So, here’s a training recap from where I left off:

My 50 mile week:

10 miles with 1 minute hill repeats. NAILED IT! I didn’t even struggle with my hip flexors or control of my legs!! Thanks to Craig for pushing Greta and thanks to Jeff for making the workout that much more fun! (Jeff was in shorts and without a shirt… YAY awesome runner-temps for the middle of January!)

10 miles with 7 moderate miles. Another NAILED IT! workout! I held my HR right around 180 where it’s supposed to be and we clipped along at about 8:20-8:30. It’s nice to see my paces slowly come down!

13 mile long run. Luckily I had a lot of distractions to help the miles pass. I started before my parents came to the house (for the baptism). We picked up Craig after about 2 miles, then ran back to the house. They weren’t there yet, so we made a big loop before coming back to the house. We passed Greta off to them and then ran for the remaining miles. BAM. 13!

I have to say that the thought of 26.2 miles, much less racing 26.2 is a little frightening…

This week’s 55 mile week:

Monday: 6 miles easy, to and from “Mom Club”. Greta was her normal, smiley, “I like attention and will talk/smile if you like it!” personality, self. She disrupts conversation every so often because the person talking can’t help but talk/smile back at her. Where did she get this personality from??

10 pounds, 9 ounces this Monday. A chunk!

Tues: 10.5 miles w/ 6×3 minutes at 5k effort. I dry heaved after this and felt sick for a few hours afterwards. So – it was probably above 5k effort, but I was just trying to get everything out of me. I was chasing down Mike, another training partner, but couldn’t maintain contact. I tried. So hard!

I was worried we might not get through the run with some protests, since she was so talkative and smiley before the run.

But, being the awesome baby she is, Greta fell right asleep in the stroller and didn’t start squaking until we ended the run & were walking back up the driveway.

Wed: 4 miles easy with Teresa and then a 60 minute strength class at the YMCA. It kicked my butt. Hopefully this will be my normal Wednesday routine.

We joined the Y as a family that night. They have free Child Watch for 2 hours/day (you can actually go in the morning for 2 hours and the evening for 2 hours). It’s nice to do something without the distraction of your kid (or having to push her!), although I did just think about her for a lot of the class. Mom syndrome, right? 🙂

Thurs: I am planning to run to the Y (3.75 miles), drop Greta off at Child Watch, and then do my 4×1 mile at LT on a treadmill. Then we’ll run back home. I am dreading this workout so I’m writing this here so you all will hold me accountable!

My knee has been bothering me for the last 2 days. I’m a little concerned… I now have ice cups in the freezer and have been working on glute firing and loosening up the Vastus Medius muscle since that might be pulling the knee cap out of its normal place.

The pain is to the left of the patellar ligament (as you’re looking at it in the above picture). Anyone have any advice on how to nip this early? I’m willing to do anything!
This weekend: A 14 mile long run. Yikes!!!
Life updates:
Greta was baptized this Sunday! I was so nervous… so much that the morning of the baptism I was scrambling to find the lid to the blender…
Only to find that I had put the blender lid on the Generation UCAN tub which I had put back into the pantry. What? When I get nervous I swear… my brain goes down the drain. 
Not sure why I was so nervous, since that seems silly, but once we got to the church and the service started I was much more relaxed.
She did great during the service and the baptism!
I didn’t drop her! YAY!
We were so lucky to be surrounded by 40 guests that love her and were happy to welcome her into Christ’s world! Many of my athletes came, my college coach, family friends… we are SO blessed. I cried because of the overwhelming support. Guess crying isn’t surprising coming from me 🙂
In other news… hmmm.. guess the week was spent scrubbing the house in prep for the baptism. Only to walk down Monday morning to find it a disaster again. *Sigh*
Embarrassing moment of the week: I’m scrubbing a pot of wild rice soup that was burned on to the bottom of the pan. I pour the contents down the garbage disposal and turn it on. Turns out, there was a spoon in that pot, and spoons and garbage disposals don’t mix.
Hence my 2nd clogged drain since Greta’s been born. This time there’s a spoon handle sticking out of the disposal and a gross wild rice slime on the bottom of the sink. Jeff is over for a run and sees it, but makes no comment. I ask him for help with the spoon later and he says, “Oh, I was wondering about that!”. Guess I need to step up my house cleaning skills if my athletes don’t bat an eye at food slime covering the entire sink bottom!!! HAHAHAHA!
Best quote of the week: I am pouring myself the 7th glass of water for the day. I explain to my mom how much I love water now.
She looks at me very concerned. “Do you have diabetes? Because when you have diabetes you love water”
(Awkward pause)
No, mom, just breastfeeding. But thanks for the concern!
All for now, folks. Need to get after this 10 mile workout…

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  1. So you are finding out what it's like to have dry heaves during/after an intense workout. Welcome to the club! Hope your mile repeats went well. I'm headed out for my 18er (had to move it to today) and I'm procrastinating. 18 miles seems daunting, even though I it's my third this month. Get out the door, right?!! Amy

  2. I've dropped Cullen off at child care at our gym so I could get my workouts in. I thought about (and worried) about him the entire time, but it does get easier each time I leave him. I still think (and worry) about him, but not quite as much.

    It is so weird to hear the same type of baby noises coming from a different baby.

    10 pounds. . . try 16!! Cullen's two bottom teeth also popped through this week. I no longer have a baby!

    Cullen gets baptized this Saturday except he has to be fully submerged three times. He is going to cry, which means mom is not so excited about it.

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