Meet Lindsey Burgstahler!

Thought I’d profile a TNC Endurance athlete! Say hello to Lindsey!

Lindsey started with TNC Endurance in June of ’15. Just 4 months later she set two big PRs:

10K – now 44:45, was 46:41. This was the day before her “A” race 10 mile, so was a very controlled effort!

10 mile – now 1:10:08, was 1:14:44!

Who she is:
Lindsey Burgstahler
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Age: 30

Why, hello, Lindsey. Nice to meet you!

Current PRs:
5k: 19:54
10K: 44:45
10 mile: 1:10:08
1/2 marathon: 1:36:18
Marathon: 3:27:24

My most recent PR was from TC 10 Mile in October 2015.  It was my first “A” race since starting to work with Nichole, so I was excited to see what would happen! I was also nervous because I wanted to show coach that I really had been working hard. My goal time was 1:10:00, and I ran 1:10:08.  In reality, I was pretty much on the money, but obviously 1:09:xx would sound so much cooler! At any rate, it was nearly a 5 minute PR for me, which was SO exciting.  But, I’d have to say my favorite running memory to date was running Chicago Marathon in 2014 with my sister.  It was her first marathon, and I was so honored to be there for her and pace her through it. She wanted to run sub-4, and we ended up with 3:48:59…crushed it!

Lindsey and her sister after finishing the Chicago Marathon in 2014

Since Coach Nichole is all about “dreaming big”, what would be your dream PR be, or one that you’ve been chasing for years.  Go big or go home!
My dream PR would be a sub-3:15 marathon 

What keeps you going?
My long and short term goals are the driving factor behind me getting after it. I’m totally Type A in that I need plans and structure, and when I have the framework in place I’m able to discipline myself to execute the plan.  But, I also really love the journey of training for something; and the satisfaction I have after completing a hard workout helps keep me going each day. When I want to stop, I channel my inner Dory from Finding Nemo, and think to myself “Just keep running!”

Favorite race distance:
This is tough!! As much as I love the marathon and everything that goes into the journey of running one, I really love the 10 mile distance. It’s a challenging distance where I’m able to push myself hard, yet it’s all over in just over an hour! Plus, the recovery time is quick!

 French Club 3 Miler (1st overall female) in September 2015

Why did you start working with Nichole/TNC?
My initial motivator for joining the team was because I wanted a running coach to help push me a bit harder in my training and to provide a structured training plan — and Nichole seemed like a great fit.  Little did I know that she really is AWESOME and has a great team of athletes.  I’ve only met a few of them, but I’m so excited to meet more and make new friends. I’ve always been a solo runner, and being part of a team is just what I needed. 

Who are you outside of running? Hobbies? Other fun info?
When I’m not running, you can find me doing CrossFit at my gym in Minneapolis (I love it!!), playing hockey with my sister in a women’s league, or working on my new home with my husband in Minneapolis!

What would you do if you had an unscheduled day of vacation?
I would sleep in, and watch TV in bed for a bit.  Then mosey out of bed to workout and just take my time doing everything.  I’m always calculating my day to the nearest minute (so much to do!!), so on a vacation day, I’d probably want to do a whole lot of nothing!  But, I think ice cream would need to be involved at some point…

Do you have a favorite shoe brand, model? 
I’m a classic shoe hoarder!  I’ve ran in a lot of brands over the years (tried them all), but my current go-to shoe is Altra’s The One 2.5.  It’s so cushy and comfy, and allows my foot to spread out when I run.  Plus, they are really light.  I can’t say enough good things about them!  I also like the Brooks PureConnect for easy runs.

Have any social media sights we can check out?
I post occasionally on Instagram, @lindseyburgstahler.  I’d have to say the coolest affiliation I have is with my CrossFit gym, TwinTown Fitness in Minneapolis!  They are a great group of people that have helped me immensely with cross-training.

Favorite post workout food?
I love a bowl of cinnamon chex with almond milk, or toast with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. I’m a diet coke lover too, so you’ll probably find me enjoying a fountain diet coke during the day after a long run.  It just hits the spot!  I would never turn down gummy worms after a long run too…. ☺

Last, any fun facts about yourself? Special talent, or travel experiences?
Fun fact: I’m a former competitive figure skater turned hockey player!  I’m also obsessed with the TV show Friday Night Lights.  I love spending time with my family because they are hilarious, and I’m looking forward to vacationing with them in Cozumel, Mexico in March 2016.  

Lindsey and her husband, Brett
Her permanent page found here.

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