A 66.5 Mile Week!

What a great week! Here’s a short training recap:

Sunday: 8 miles easy

Ran with Brian, nice and easy. Decided to end the run at the park to celebrate the fact that it was 60 degrees!

Yay, the park! Yay for 60 degrees in November!
Discovering tunnels!

Monday: 10.25 miles with 2×200, 400, 2×200, 400

I nailed this workout! Craig and Teresa (and Cali, Teresa’s dog) accompanied me on the track. I was faster than I’ve been lately; it was so much fun to finally be moving quicker! I also felt smoother – more like a runner!

200: 37
200: 39
400: 79
200: 36!
200: 36!
400: 77! Big high-fives after that one!

Last week I did 6×400 and split 81s on most of them. Seeing times in the 70s is a step in the right direction! I am pretty sure I had a dopey smile on my face for the rest of the day after that workout!

Tuesday: 8.25 miles easy

I was able to time my run in between bouts of rain. What a soggy, dreary day. I ran into Kim after about a mile. She is a recent Luther grad who just ran a 2:55 marathon at TCM. She is going to be a great training partner, but first she is nursing an injured foot. Hope it heals quickly for her!

I’ve been feeling very thankful for my job at Bethel this week. I absolutely love it! I’m starting to feel comfortable with what I’m doing, which always feels good. I am also in a position to, and have started to, make changes to financial processes, how and what is reported to the congregation,  and how we think/act internally in response to financial data. *love* I also love that the position is so flexible. I need to get in 27 hours in each week: that could be in three long days, 5 shorter days, or 4 normal days with long lunch breaks for runs (which is what I’m doing now). I can come in late or leave early if Greta or I have an appointment – I just need to get my work done. Having that flexibility is priceless, and I am so thankful for it!

One of Nate’s patients bought Greta a princess car. She loves it!
How awesome is it that a patient would think to buy a present for her?!?
She is so short that her feet don’t quite touch – unless she leans to one side. What a smarty!

Wednesday: 6.75 miles easy, in the rain

So glad I started the run when it was just drizzling out, by the end it was raining fairly hard. I don’t mind the rain, per say, but starting a run in it… not my favorite.

Note to self: stock a baseball hat and a winter hat in my car for runs, just in case. Do you have one packed in your car or running bag?

Thursday: 11.25 miles with 3×1 mile hard

I had wonderful company for the run: Jeff, Craig, and Marco! I was able to muster:

The wind and a cold were a definite factor. I thought about moving the workout to another day – winds were gusting at 40 mph+ and my throat was a little sore and lungs burned a little – but then thought better of it. I knew my cold was going to last for a while (it’s one of those), and fighting through wind only makes me stronger. So, Thursday it was! I think I made the best of the workout, and was fairly happy with the 6:29 average pace.

Hopefully paces on longer repeats will come down with time.

Kristin (Nate’s sister) and Brice welcomed their second son into the world this morning. Silas James was 7#, 4 oz, and 20 inches long.

Friday: 10 miles easy

Went in to see the dentist (Nate!) to put 16 attachments on my teeth for invisalign. My teeth aren’t bad, by any means, but there is some ortho relapse. Since Nate is able to do these sorts of things, I figured, why not?!?

We then ventured out for a 10 mile run through the Faribault Nature Center’s trails, then up through the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf and Shattuck-St. Mary’s. I had no idea Shatuck so beautiful! Nate said they sometimes use the school in movies. I don’t doubt it.

It was great to run just with him, and to have it feel like such an adventure run! We ended in the dark with a few gentle snowflakes falling. Picturesque!

Can’t wait to be healthy again. Not only did my lungs hurt a little bit after this run, we had to cancel seeing Silas because I don’t want to risk getting them sick! Big bummer, I can’t wait to meet him!

A crisp 32 degrees, but very little wind. Beautiful!

Yay, adventure running!

Shattuck-St. Mary’s campus is beautiful!
Their chapel

Saturday: 12 miles easy

Looking forward to running with the group tomorrow. If anyone wants to join, we’ll be starting at 9:00 from my house!

Overall, a great week! This week marked a couple of firsts for me: 1) first week where I’ve run 7 days in a row – it wasn’t planned, but changes last week necessitated it, and 2) three days in a row where mileage has been over 10 miles/day.

I’m not sure what my plan will be after Saturday. Jerry is working on my next few weeks. I am so excited to see what it is! I wonder if we will start to climb in mileage, increase intensity, or both… I am trying not to think about my training at all. I just leave it up to Jerry, knowing he has my master plan all laid out!

Now it’s your turn:

What was your mileage last week?

Any fun “adventure” runs?

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  1. I too ran every day this week with an 11 planned tomorrow! Tomorrow will be an adventure to a new trail! My mileage was half of yours…but work hours almost double :-). So glad to see you back at it!

    1. What? You are TOO still much faster than me! Those miles were with plenty of recovery between them – not all at once.

      Sorry to hear about your latest adventure trying to run outdoors!

  2. My down week became an up week and I ended at 57. I guess it was 60 if you include the mileage I did with the wifey. Maybe next week will be a down week (wink, wink).

    1. A down week, eh? But then you paced me yesterday, so your 7 miles became 10. I am still SOOO pumped about that run – it was the best workout I've had in a really long time. I'm still smiling about it!! PRs be a comin'!

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