Walking quickly

Gosh, sorry my blog hasn’t been very exciting lately. Still injured, but still hopeful… that seems to be the theme of all my posts in the last month. A little boring and a lot depressing, that’s what it amounts to.

Anyway, here’s another quick update: I’m able to walk quickly without pain!! Huge step forward for me. Just a week ago, I couldn’t take very big steps or walk quickly (for any length of time). So, a definte improvement! Tonight I’m excited to try my run/walk routine. Hopefully with each day I’m able to go farther and even run…

On a more personal level, Nate is done with dental school on Friday. WOW. Who would have thought the time would come when he’d graduate? He brought home his cap and gown the other day, and it was surreal — it’s the “doctor” one with the velvet stripes on the sleeves, down the front. So odd to see him try it on… guess I hadn’t really thought of the fact that he’ll soon be “Dr. Porath”.

And, with the graduation comes a celebration (of course!). So much to do around the house! We’re finally starting to make the house “home”, even though we don’t technically own it yet. Still working with the bank on that one (I could write another separate blog just on that topic — the short sale/foreclosure process is unbelievable). But, we just bought a couch and loveseat set which really classes up the living room (yeah, upgrading from my college futon!!), and are starting to hang things on the wall, organize rooms, unpack more boxes, etc. What a great feeling. I’m excited to go into full-gear cleaning mode this weekend.

So, again, sorry there isn’t more on the running front to post about! I’ll continue to update with any progress.

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  1. Fitness level, graduation, foreclosure process, and more – There are lots of things that happened around you on 2010 and I hope it ended well and smoothly. Congratulations on your week 10 of pregnancy, btw. I guess good things are in store for you this 2014. Cheers!


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