This is just fun!

I’m getting more fit! It’s just, well, downright fun!

Gobble Wobble 5k with my dad!

Saturday: 12 miles with “the group” 

I had a good group for my long run again. So fun! Marco and Jeff noticed the tires in the Chariot were low so we pulled into Kwik Trip for a quick fill. I had noticed pushing it was becoming harder, but thought it was because Greta was getting heavier.

I don’t know why I find this mildly amusing, but I do.

Greta is snug as a bug inside, wondering why we aren’t MOVING! C’mon, mom!
Fill ‘er up!

By the last mile I could tell that I was spent. It was my 8th day of running in a row, and my 3rd day over 10 miles (a first since starting back/being coached again).

Again, let me know if you’d like to be put on my email list! People have joined us from all over – it’s a lot of fun!

Sunday: off, because Jerry said so.

I protested a little bit. My addict brain says… you’re getting faster by running, so you should run more! But, my rational brain knows I need to rest. Plus, I was still really sick & stuffy.

That evening we went to Menards to buy a new kitchen faucet since our current faucet has started leaking. On the way back Nathan surprised me by pulling into “Fielder’s Choice”, a new restaurant in town. They basically serve two things: burgers and pizza, but have very interesting combinations! Think a PB&J burger, or a pizza with scrambled eggs on it.

I’d definitely go back!

Greta says hi.
And give me some of your french fries.

Monday: 10 miles easy, 8:04 pace.

I was so sad to run up to Carleton’s Rec center and find that they’ve taken out another section of the arb. They’ve done other large sections of the upper Arb as well; I think they’re trying to return it to a prarie eco system? Not sure.
I know that they are very intentional in what they are doing, and that there is very good reason for it… but I can’t help but miss the wooded areas that used to be there. 🙁
Another area currently under construction
Tuesday: Workout: 10 miles with 3 miles at sub-7 min race. Actual: 10 miles with 3 miles at 6:40 pace!
What an awesome workout!!! I felt so strong during the faster miles – my feet slapped the pavement quickly & smoothly. I felt much like the old Nichole!
I wasn’t sure what to expect since the last hard workout I did was 3×1 mile where I just barely averaged 6:30s (and that was all out!), and I was still pretty sick. So – when I went through the first mile in 6:45, I wondered if I was going to die a painful death later in the workout.
But, instead, I was able to run faster & faster – and feel stronger & stronger!

If I would have continued to 5k it would have been a post-baby PR. Woot, woot!

I can’t say it enough, I am loving this whole “getting back into shape” thing!
Wednesday: 10 miles easy, 8 min miles, nothing much to report
I was very thankful for my flexible schedule today. There was so much I had to get done!

First was a chiropractic appointment at Corbett Chiropractic. I’ve been going once/week. I met Dan when I spoke at the Sertoma Group in Northfield. He offered to do Graston on me for free when I came in. Since I’ve hit my deductible for the year (yep, this year has been a year of medical expenses/insurance!), I have 10 “free” visits. I’m very interested to see if I see any benefit from regular Graston.

Next was a 10 mile run. Nothing like heading out over the lunch hour for a short 10 miler!

Then mid-afternoon I had a furnace repair man come out. We noticed our house has been at about 56-58 degrees every day for the past week. Sure enough, the limit switch needed to be replaced. $200 later, our furnace was working! Yay!

The bad news is that he said our system is a very cheap off-brand that usually doesn’t last much more than 10 years. Our house is 11 years old. The motor is clunking around a bit as well – so we will have an eye on it. A new furnace is about $4k…

Interesting that it hasn’t been cold enough yet for us to notice it not working!

Then it was back to work for a little while before picking up Greta, quick making supper, and heading on the road down to Marshall.

Earlier in the week, snuggling up in front of the space heater. Even Mesa wants to be in front of it!We set the space heater at 65 degrees in Greta’s room. Other than that, we just wore a second layer and hung out downstairs with the fireplace on. It was bearable…wonder how much keeping our house at 58 degrees would save us…
Thursday: Gobble Wobble with my dad!! 7 miles total

The look of pure excitement
Greta is in her monkey suit, ready to race!
When I graduated from Beauterre, my dad said that he’d run a 5k with me if I could maintain sobriety. As he put it, I’ll do something hard if you do.
And, since it was day #132 for me, he kept his promise and toed the line. We ran side-by-side, and I pushed Greta in the stroller. Nathan, Leighton, and my aunt Kathy also ran. We finished in 30:41 – not too bad!

3 generations. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Our chip times were 30:41! 9:59 miles. He didn’t walk at all during the race!

My aunt Kathy even did it! How cool! She was the oldest person to run – and still finished 51st of 100 women!
Post race – Leighton won it!

I am very proud of how far I’ve come since this summer, and so happy with where my life is at. I think back this summer’s events and think, “How could that have happened?”. It seems like such a distant memory. The great thing is that sobriety has come very easy to me. I’m not tempted to even come close to alcohol. I honestly think my drinking was a more of a symptom of manic depression than anything. But, that doesn’t mean that I can be complacent at all! I know I have to take it a day at a time.

When my dad started to hurt during the race I told him to keep going one step at a time, much like I take it one day at a time!

My dad and I are scheming on a second race together next year, sometime earlier in the year so the weather might be nicer. Until we decide on a race, he said he’ll run once with me every time I come home.

Then it was time to enjoy a wonderful meal together & just hang out. Greta loved all of the attention!

Giggle fest!
Friday: 10 miles easy with Leighton and Nathan – averaged 7:58

We explored a part of Marshall I didn’t know existed. How is that possible?

Exploring a new walk bridge in Marshall. We learned after the fact that it technically isn’t open until Monday.
Mid-run stop at a new park in Marshall

Later that evening a few of us went out to Bingo. It’s become something we do together on Friday evenings when I visit. I look forward to it: it’s inexpensive entertainment and a great opportunity to talk (the bingo callers take a REALLY long time in between games… not sure why).

And… even better, I’ve been lucky often!
Fun times
Leighton and I both won!!
I’ve won 3 of the 4 times I’ve gone. Lucky me! This time was $96. Big money.
Saturday: 15 mile long run – averaged 7:47
For a lot of this run I clipped along at sub 7:40s and felt SO GREAT. Nate had me slow down when I met him for the last 7 miles. It was his 3rd day of running in a row, so he was feeling it a bit.

Yay for getting into shape! Just in the last 3 weeks I’ve noticed my easy pace decrease. I had worried about it a little before then, wondering if I should start pushing my easy days (worried I’d be stuck at 8:30-45), but my coaching brain told me to be patient and just let it be. Low and behold, as I’ve become stronger and more fit my paces have come down naturally. First to 8:15s and now to 8’s and today was the first day sub-8s felt easy. Nice!

Sunday: 10 miles – averaged around 9s?

Pretty tired today. This capped off 73 miles in the last 7 days! Mileage is getting up there!Now, your turn:

What workout were you most proud of last week?
Have you ever had a PB&J burger?
What do you keep your house at during the winter months?

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  1. Hi Nichole! I'm so happy that your finding your speed again!!! I love your new layout too! It looks great! Let me know when would be a good time to catch up!!!

    Greta is way too cute!!

    1. No WAY – my dad is faster than Craig?!? Ha! That's kind of funny… maybe don't tell Craig that, though :).

      68, eh? Wow. We keep ours at 62. I can't imagine our heat bill if we kept it at 68!

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