Today I had my last tempo run. 2 miles warm up, then 3x 1200 at tempo pace, 2 miles CD.

And wow — I felt like I wasn’t running inside my own body. My head is mildly fuzzy, and my legs feel like they’ve run a 1/2 marathon. And my lungs are working hard! Not a VO2 max hard, but you can actually hear my breathing on the repeats… which rarely happens at tempo pace now.

After the last rep, I put on my headphones and the first words I heard: “That What Doesnt Kill Me… Makes Me Stronger”, by Kanye West. No joke! How absolutely fitting 🙂

We got home and I rummaged around the house looking for something, ANYTHING, I could drink besides water. I swear I have a packet of Crystal Light somewhere? What about low sugar cocoa, is that legal? Nate steps up behind me and opens a cold can of Sierra Mist and hands it to me. I’m sure I looked like a kid on Chrismas morning. It was absolute bliss to have sparkling, cold, pure sugar in my mouth 🙂

So, yes, guess you can say I cheated. But it was TOTALLY worth it.

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