A "memorable" baby shower

You’ll never guess who was the first person to show up to Greta’s baby shower this past weekend.

An estranged cousin? Nope.

A long lost rich uncle who we’ve never heard of coming to take care of all of Greta’s expenses for the rest of her life? Nope. (Darn)

Wallace Shawn because she’s really his kid? Nope.

The mail woman? Nope… despite the fact that she’s the highlight of my day (I love mail/packages… nerd)

Keep guessing…

You guessed it right! THE COUNTY SHERIFF.

My brother takes pictures from inside and sends them to Nate saying, “Why is the sheriff taking your wife?”
Nate responds, “Is this serious? Or a joke?”

Only me, I swear. Something for the baby book, at least?

Let me explain…

It went something like this:

“Ma’am, did you stop at Super America earlier today?”. Why yes, I had.

“Did you purposely drive off without paying?”. WHAT? Um, noooo… (with emphasis)

I explained that I had scanned my credit card about 4-5 different times until it finally took and allowed me to start pumping. I then drove off when I was done. I don’t ever ask for a receipt… does anyone now?

Turns out, the “nice” employee inside SA decided to allow me to pay inside since I was having difficulty with the card reader. Nice, right? Except, YOU SHOULD TELL YOUR CUSTOMER YOU’RE DOING THAT SO THAT THEY DON’T ASSUME THEY’VE PAID AND DRIVE OFF!!!

The officer was super nice about the whole thing. We called SA together, they said I needed to stop in to pay (vs. doing it over the phone). He took down my phone number and went on his jolly way to arrest the next fugitive of the law.

Meanwhile, Greta’s baby shower guests arrived and/or watched from inside. HA.

Going to SA in the morning the next day was a little embarrasing, to say the least. I get to the counter, tell the clerk I want to pay for yesterday… they have no idea how to do this so 2 of them get to work calling people and talking about it. They often say, “Our drive-off is here to pay!” to whoever they’re talking to, as if they want to make a point to embarrass me as much as possible.

Awesome. Make me look like a thief because your card reader didn’t work. I hung my head and hoped no one would recognize me.

The next day I get a text from my Uncle who is heading out of town. It went something like this:

Uncle: No troubles for us today 🙂

picture attached to text message

Me: That you KNOW of!

… a little while…

Uncle: We got a receipt!

HAHAHAHAHA. Guess it was at least a memorable start to a baby shower for all of the relatives? 🙂

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