April Snow Showers

Last week was a big week for me — I hit 69 miles, which is the most that I’ve ever logged. I had hit 64 for Houston, and was around 65 in my peak weeks in college. This week I’m planning to hit 77-80, wish me luck!
I can tell the mileage is making me stronger. I also feel a big difference in my ability to hit my marathon pace without too much effort. This Sunday’s long run was a great example of that. I woke up early and put in 6 miles before my training partner met me at my house. She had 16 on her plan, I had 22. The first 6 miles were pretty miserable — high winds, big, wet snow, thick slush on the bike paths. I picked her up (along with my husband) and we ventured off. The next 16 went really smoothly, all things considered. We hit a minor diversion when we found that one of our paths was completely covered in water (running water, at that!). So, we just ran along an on-ramp until we found a fence we could hop… which for me is easier said than done :). I ended up snagging my tights. Big bummer. Hopefully I can fix them?? (I’m not the best seamstress)

Nate left my Jenny and I around 5 miles to go. We continued on to a loop by my house (I wasn’t sure if I could keep up at the end since she wanted to pick it up the last 2-3 miles, and I didn’t want her to get lost). Our 4th to last mile was in 7:22 (I could tell she was getting excited to pick it up! I was getting nervous, since that pace takes a bit of effort for me). We then “officially” tried to pick it up. I was amazed that I was able to lead the pick-up, and without much effort! It was SO much easier than the 7:22 mile. I was able to do all 3 with her, in 6:47, 6:51, 6:55 (hill at end). And the exciting part was that I felt smooth, strong, and (fairly) comfortable. Not bad for the end of a 22 miler!!
Now, on to the challenge of trying to fit an 80 mile week into a holiday week…

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