Layin’ Low

I picked up my packet earlier today. How fun!

I’ve never run this marathon as an “elite”. WOW, the TCM folks make you feel like gold! You walk into their “hospitality suite” at the Crown Plaza, and they take care of everything for you. Packet – check. Run down on all the info I need – check. There’s a beautiful ROOM full of simple, carb-loaded foods. I made a toasted bagel with jam and took a few bananas for the road. I saw Katie McGreggor on the way out. She saw me and said “hi!”, like she recognized me. That’s fun! Wonder if I look like someone she knows? She couldn’t possibly recognize me.

Then headed down for a massage. WOW. Amazingly relaxing. My right calf has been bothering me a little all week (just tight in the belly of the muscle and I can’t seem to loosen it), so had the girl work on that specifically. 35 minutes later (!!!), we were done, and I made my way over to the expo.

Now for the rest of the weekend, I’m laying low. Hope I can cram as much carbohydrate into my legs as humanly possible & rest up the legs. The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Sunday, so should be a great time to go after that 2:50 goal!!!

P.S. I have the coolest family. First, my M&D, brother, sister and niece are coming up from Marshall to watch. Second, my husband, cousin, and brother are planning out how to get three bikes to the start of the marathon together so they can bike around and cheer along the entire course. My uncle is willing to go in on their scheme, which means that he’s just going to be waiting around the finish area for 3.5 HOURS. How cool is it to have support like THAT?!?!!!! 🙂

P.P.S. If anyone that reads this will be out on the course on Sunday, look for bib #26 (green bib) and a bright pink singlet or long sleeve. Cheer me on!

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  1. I'll be looking for you around the St. Thomas hill (I'm guessing around 10:10 AM). If Katie's doing the marathon rather than the 10 mile, I'll just look for you shortly after the first redhead… Go get that "A" standard!

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