How much time running vs. skiing?

My constant dilemma :). I’m trying to keep my miles fairly high during these winter months. I know if I don’t, my legs will get weak & I won’t be able to ramp up my mileage as quickly in the spring. So, my mileage will vary from 50-85 over the winter, with the bulk of the weeks around 65-70.

Trying to add skiing to this is tricky. I have a pretty good plan laid out, which really helps. Otherwise, I know I wouldn’t be doing nearly as much as I am — it’d be easy to say that I just need an 8 miler for the day, but instead I see that I’m supposed to do 12 + strength so that I can just do 5 the next day plus a Vakava practice :). Trying to have variety of workouts and a good balance between running & skiing.
It’s good to have a plan, it keeps me focused. My legs are constantly tired, though, which probably isn’t a good thing. They’re either tired from running when I’m skiing, or tired from skiing when I’m running. I think that’ll get better as I get stronger from skiing.

This weekend Nate wanted to race, so I’m going to tag along. My long run was scheduled for tonight or Saturday, but I’ll have to figure something different out. Guess some weeks will vary more than I’d like, hopefully I’m finding that right balance! Thank goodness for flexible/constantly changing training plans.

Weekly mileage: 60-65
Weekly hours of skiing: 4.5-5

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