I had to put a dollar in my jar tonight (the one that I need to contribute to if I eat after our evening meal). Ug. First time I’ve had to contribute, and not going to lie, a little disappointed in myself (I didn’t even need it!). I can be better than this!

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  1. Hey Nicole: GOOD LUCK! (and great job on all your racings– you've done amazing things in the past 3 years). I, too, am trying to drop weight before a marathon in a month. It's hard. Do you have any tips to not let it mess up your final training and taper? I'm tracking my intake and trying– it's really hard. Esp when food tastes so good but I do think it would help me PR! Ugh!

  2. Hi! I started to answer here, but then realized that this is probably best answered in a post – so I'll put some thoughts together & post sometime soon! Bottom line, though, yes, it will make a difference in helping you PR. I basically eat whatever I want from the time I wake up until about shortly after lunch (helps that I only crave healthy stuff in the morning! Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, egg/spinach wraps, etc). I then try to have a very light evening meal – just 200-300 calories (vegetables and baked potato, some kind of lean meat and vegetables, etc) so I'm going to bed hungry(not fun, but then I think about how much I'm going to love a heaping bowl of oatmeal in the morning!). NO snacking after the light evening meal. That's the basics, a few other tricks I've found for myself along the way that I'll write more about later. Fun to hear that I'm not the only one who loves to eat & hates getting down to racing weight!
    Where are you racing? Goal time?
    Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Hi Nichole: You're so sweet. Thanks hugely for the write back & tips. It sounds like your eating plan would work (but yes, not too fun!).
    I'm doing Eugene marathon and hoping to break 3hrs (would be a 6 min PR!!). Super excited and generally training is going well. I'm up to 70-90 mile weeks which is more than I've ever been able to handle and I'm stoked! Hoping to drop 1 lb a week till then- will see.
    I like your thoughts on healthy eating through am and then cutting it down– it's challenging because my hubby comes home and, after he has eaten very little all day, he chows down on a big dinner. I'm the opposite and do better eating in am and then little dinner- nice to hear that you do the same thing. I just need to learn to make a big tea and sit with him 🙂 Plus boys are so funny- he drops weight on 2 beers a night. Oh well, I'd rather be a girl!
    Love reading your post and good luck at GAC- so cool!!! Good job watching your achilles– those little rest days can pay off in months of healthy running.
    Cheers! Laura

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