What a busy time…

Unbelievable how things tend to all happen at once. First, it’s budgeting season at Red Wing Shoes. I present to the President and CFO on the 21st and 22nd of this month. I’ll present budgets for Europe, Japan, North America for 3 different brands. At the same time I’ll give recommendations on how to change our European Lifestyle brand — looking at three different strategic plans. Eeek! It’s been a lot of OT for me, but I know that after this month things will get better. Plus, I know that I want to impress — I’m new, young, etc, and it’s nice to pour yourself/energy into a big project like this to show everyone that you really are capable.

At the same time, we’re planning to move. We have the move scheduled for the 14th and 15th this month. Eeekkk!! originally it wasn’t going to be until November 6th, but the buyers of our house wanted to move up the date & we were able to make it work on our side w/ a temporary living arrangement. We’re actually going to be moving into the house we made an offer on (short sale, it’s vacant now)… so I’m just praying that it goes through and that I won’t be moving into this gorgeous house now and having to move out later. Wouldn’t that be hard? 🙂 The other option was to store all of our stuff, which costs $450/month. Outrageous. I said we’d just take the chance :). Beyond trying to figure out the temp living situation, there are just a lot of details to take care of: cancelling utilities and setting stuff up at the new house, figuring out what we want to get rid of in our current house, etc. I can see why people don’t move very often (if they can avoid it). I’m really pumped about the house, though. It’s WAY more house than we need, but it was just too good of a deal to pass up. It’s nice we were able to take advantage of the downturn in the economy — this house sold in 2006 for $115K more than what we offered on it. Not to mention the fabulously low interest rates right now! I can’t wait to move in — it’s going to be great!!

Nate’s also swamped w/ school — senior case presentation today, boards coming up in November. Also trying to job hunt and network. Hmmm…

Finn Sisu is crazy busy as well. Clothing is in (which is SOOO fun!), internet and POS upgrade in full swing, and trying to stay on top of new lines as well. I met with the trail team coaches the other night and they brought up a ton of really fun ideas. I’d love to donate even more time to the shop and my departments there, I really think I could do some fun things with it. But, I need to remember to keep what I do to a “manageable” level. I can’t do everything, as my husband reminds me.

When it rains, it pours! I’m just taking it one day at a time, trying to keep a smile on my face for as much of it as I can (which isn’t too hard… I really love everything I’m doing :).

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