Last Vo2 Max workout

Bittersweet to have finished my last repeats. I did 3×1 mile on the track yesterday, running them in 5:40, 5:35, 5:29. I’m not sure, but I think that’s a pretty solid workout for me. I can’t compare it to Fargo because I was sick then and missed this workout… it’d be nice to know if I was faster/slower than earlier in the year at the same time!

It’s nice to be winding down and feeling fast. The fastest mile I’ve ever done is a 5:20, so to pull of a 5:29 is pretty good for me (I am NOT a miler!!). I can tell things are just working like they should — lungs are strong, legs can handle the pace, etc. There’s no comparison between this hard workout and when I started the VO2 max cycle a month and a half ago.

What’s not fun is the fact that these are finally fun — and then I’m shutting things down! I also always freak out a little bit during taper time. What, just 6 miles today? I think to myself. Gosh, that’s like nothing… shouldn’t I add a couple more miles? Or another workout in the evening?? It just scares me to see so little on my plan for the next week and a half…

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