Mid-week training update!

Friday: 10 miles with 2×2 miles hard

Nate and Craig joined me for a mid-afternoon run. It was beautiful out! A little windy, but 40+ degrees and sunny. The snow is melting quickly.

I averaged 6:40s for both segments! That was my goal, but wow – I worked for that one. It was definitely not as smooth and strong of a workout as my previous 3 mile hard effort a week ago.

Friday night Rael was nice enough to come over & babysit for the evening while Nate and I went out for his office holiday party. We ate at a restaurant near Faribault and then hung out at his office administrator’s house playing games and talking.

After the workout. Note the sunny skies, green grass, and sweat – 40 degrees in December!
All dressed up for Nathan’s office Holiday party

Saturday: 12 miles easy planned

Actual: 5.7 painful miles. I woke up a little queasy. I thought it was because of the onion rings and BLT I had eaten at the holiday party the evening before. I eat fairly healthy so my stomach sometimes revolts when I eat greasy/fatty foods.

At 4 miles I made a bee-line for a bathroom. I willed myself to throw up, but instead just sat on the toilet. Super. My running buddies and I headed straight home. I was so torn… do I just gut out the long run? I wasn’t *that* sick, I was just nauseous. But, my training partners are smarter than me and told me to be happy that I ran almost 6 miles while sick.

Change how you think: what you did vs. what you didn’t!

I just *really* like to follow my plan & be able to report to Jerry when I’ve done everything he has asked. You with me on that one?

I spent the rest of the day in bed. Kid you not. I can NOT remember the last time something knocked me out like this. I ached. I felt nauseous. I was cold, but drenched our sheets in sweat.

Sunday: OFF

Feeling a little better, but not run-able. I cleaned a little and then sewed on Greta’s cow blanket/hoodie a bit more. I’ll post a full blog post on it when I finish, in case you want to make one for yourself 🙂

Nate the artist putting his skills to work. The pattern didn’t come with cow ears so he made a pattern for me.

Monday: OFF

Woke up queasy and remained that way until mid-afternoon. I debated getting out for just 5-6 then, but decided against it.

Instead, we set up our Christmas tree! It’s beautiful!

The tree before any ornaments

Tuesday: 10 miles with 1 mile hard, 800 hard, 2x400m hard

I was able to run with both Amy O. from Red Wing and Craig over my lunch hour. How fun! Amy just re-joined the TNC team; I am so happy to have her back. She ran her first marathon with TNC in 2014 and finished in 3:15. At the age of 39! For 2016 we both have big goals for her as a masters runner.

It’s super fun to run with her because we are also about the same speed. YAY!

My legs were a little jello-like, but managed to hold their own.
Mile: 6:14 (goal sub 6:30)
800m: 3:01 (goal 3:00) uf, legs are jello!
400m: 87 (goal 80) hmmm…. this is going downhill fast
400m: 81 (goal 80) brought it back together, sort of

I wrote Jerry about the workout afterwards and he wrote back with a simple:

6:14 excellent
3:01 good
87 Almost same as 800 pace. (OOPS)
81 OK
Hahaha, point taken. I love this man.

After a lunch time run with Craig and Amy. A 40 degree day, but dreary. Bethel in the background.

Trying to catch up on household stuff after a weekend spent sick. Must. Do. Laundry!

She was very interested in the washer and dryer as they ran. Easily amused.

Wednesday: 10 miles easy, 8:33 average

Nice and easy with Craig. The weather in MN has been gorgeous! We hit up the Carleton Arb trails for a while and found a gorgeous trail covered in green growth. My legs were really tired. I hope they recover quickly, I have a hard workout to get after tomorrow!

Is it really December?

In the evening Greta and I hit up the Bistro at Bethel for dinner.

Helping at Bistro.
Greta was taking people’s donations, helping with name tags, and explaining the menu to everyone in line. K didn’t even have to train her in. She was a natural.

I then finished up a few last things at work while she played in the nursery. She said her 4th word there: fish! There are fish that hang from the ceiling above the changing table. I’m not sure where else she would have heard the word “fish”?

Her other words were:
Cat! – everything is said with enthusiasm!
Teeth!  – said when she moved a “lift the flap” portion of a book we have – how remarkable that this was her 2nd word & that she knew to use it on that page?
Book! – said to Craig as she handed him a book & crawled into his lap to read it

It is so much fun watching her grow & learn!

Thursday will be a 2 mile hard effort inside a 8-10 mile effort. I’m excited to see what I can pull off. Any guesses? 🙂

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  1. Awww thus reminds me its been way to long since we skyped. Can't wait to hear her talk, p.s. Sierra and vioket want to teach her to walk. Are you ready? Cuz it goes walk to RUN quick.

    1. I run in almost all of their models – I have "pile" and then rotate daily. I don't need any one particular feature in a shoe (stability for example) so can get away with running in anything!

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