Coaching Update: The TNC Team

I’ve had a lot of fun coaching lately! I truly love my job!

The past few days I’ve:

  • Updated athlete plans to work around holiday schedules
  • Worked with two athletes to define their racing plans for the winter
  • Had a FaceTime conversation to review an athlete’s strength routine form
  • Am lining up a 1-1 coaching consult for Friday
  • Sent out a TNC newsletter. Take a look at all that’s happening with the team here!
  • Started pulling together clothing orders
  • Ran with an athlete who was swinging through Northfield for an appointment. We did our hard workouts together.
We are ordering sweatshirts like my Brooks one – the BEST hoodie I own! Want one? Send me an email!

Wow, Greta was tiny.

How awesome is all of this?!?

As for team highlights, I want to do a little bragging for the team members. They had an awesome Summer and Fall. EVERYONE set new PRs. Incredible! 

Michelle from AK set a 1/2 marathon PR in July, finishing in 1:27:49,  2:38 faster than her previous PR. Impressively, she did that just 9 months after her son was born! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she then raced Moose Tooth Marathon in 3:06:34, an 11 minute PR! 

Erika, also from AK, was the women’s overall winner at the Equinox marathon, finishing in 3:24:32. We are all so proud of you, Erika! Read a nice write-up of her race here.

Andrew from TX has set PRs this year in every distance he has raced over the 5k. How cool is that? He is now much faster than he was in college! New PRs include a 5k in 17:16 (in route), 27:56 5-mile (also in route), 1:27:06 (in route), and a 3:11 marathon. Great job, Andrew!

Speaking of being faster now vs. in college, Bart from MN broke the 15 minute mark for a 5k, running 14:55! His previous PR was 15:19 set at Augustana (SD, D2). Now he has his sights set on breaking 2:30 at Grandma’s marathon this June.

Sara from MN bettered her huge Boston PR with a 3:10:48 at TCM! She will also be tackling Grandma’s in 2016.

Another speedy lady out on the TC course was Lindsey from MN (click on her name for her athlete profile!). She set a 4:30+ PR in the 10 mile, clocking 70:08!

Lindsey and I before the TC 10 mile

Jeff from MN gutted out a 2:47 marathon at Chicago despite stomach issues from the start and warm race temps. It is his second fastest marathon to date. 2015 has been a great year for him; he has also set PRs at every race distance he’s run. Next up is taking down his 10k PR, which he is hoping to do on Thanksgiving!

Jeff early on at Chicago

Coach Nichole is starting to lower her times as well! She was happy to break 21 minutes at the Frightening 5k on Halloween with a time of 20:48. Next up is a 5k with her Dad on Thanksgiving, where they are hoping to run in the low 30’s (go, Pete!). She then hopes to run sub-20 at the Jingle Bell Run in Northfield on the 19th. Anyone want to join her?

Rocking our sweet TNC gear. Take a look at the newsletter and let me know if you want to order anything. You do NOT need to be a TNC member to order! 

I also recently updated the Team/highlights page – up to date with current team members and past successes. It was pretty incredible to look at how well everyone has done. I am so blessed. Take a look!

All for now, folks. I’ll have a mid-week training recap up tomorrow.

Your turn, just cuz I love comments:
Anyone want to join me on the 19th for the Jingle Bell 5k?
What have you been up to in your “spare” non-work, non-running time?

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