Less Ibuprofen = progress?

Gee… it’s a wonder anyone would want to keep reading this :). Thanks for checking back, despite my lack of positive or interesting news!!

Some noteworthy changes:
1. I no longer need to be on ibuprofen all the time. In fact, I’m OK to be without now. Before, I was on a prescription strength dose and could immediately tell when it was wearing off. So, guess that’s a good sign!
2. I think the pain while running has decreased. Still not run-able, but I’m not dying of pain after my short 1-minute excursions.
3. Last night Nate had me try to pick up my “1 minute” run to a more normal pace. Usually these are a shuffle. So, I’m guessing I held an 8:30 mile pace for about 45 seconds. And I was WINDED afterwards. How SAD! The road back to racing is going to be a long one…

That’s all for now. Hoping to have more progress this week!

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  1. Hope the rest of your healing process goes quick Nichole :)! Hang in there! I know how you feel…I tried to run for 2 minutes today with my injury and couldn't either.

  2. Oh, no!! Is it your hamstring again? Will it take a long time to get over? I didn't know you weren't able to run at all… very sorry to hear!

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