I am SO sore!

I went to Sisu skiers/Vakava practice on Thursday evening, and wow… today my hamstrings and glutes are REALLY sore :). It’s amazing how the marathon didn’t make me sore (hardly at all), but one testing session at practice could. It reminds me how much I have to work on!

We did 4x1200m loops at Battle Creek. The first was walking, second a light jog, third a medium run, and the fourth all out. I couldn’t go as fast as I normally could — I could feel residual soreness in my quads — but my graph afterwards still looked good. I have great base fitness.

All the other tests I did really poorly on. 1 pull up. 35 chair dips and my arms felt like they’d give out. The 10-hop test wasn’t pretty — I think my legs only know the running motion now! They couldn’t get height on the jumps at all! Lastly, the pole-touch (side to side run) went OK. I think that’s what made my legs/glutes so sore today.

It reminded me how much I need to work on that explosive power and those ski-specific motions. I have my next strength session planned for tomorrow!

It just goes to show you that even though you may be fit, there is always SOMETHING that you could (and probably should) be working on. Sisu skiers practice reminds me of that every week :).

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