Wow, what a busy time! I’m excited, yet un-excited at the same time. Is that OK?

I’m aprehensive about the move because I know it’ll change my daily life a bit (ok, not “change” — just shorten). I’ve loved living and working in Red Wing and I really like the house we’ve been renting (and tried to buy)! For the last year, I’ve been able to swing home over lunch to get a run in, swing home just to fold a load of laundry if I want/need (this rarely happens because of my schedule, but it’s nice knowing I could if I wanted to!!), etc. Granted, it has become harder to find the time, but I really try to get home at least 2-3 times a week to run. Running over lunch has been my savior this winter — starting a run when it’s 7pm, dark, cold, windy, and just plain miserable is no fun.

Moving won’t be the end of lunch time running, I’ll just need to plan things better. I can use the YMCA down the street, I’ll just need to buy a membership & remember to pack clothes for the day.

Ellie will be so sad to lose her lunch time running buddy!!! 🙂

I think we’ll love the NF community. It has a great endurance community — there are groups that meet on the weekends, not to mention the college runners I could hook up with (still working on one connection…). I’m already excited about running in the Carleton arb — soft surface running without any technical footing/turns, yeah! Plus, NF just seems like a really fun town.

I’m sure once we start moving in and making the place “ours”, I’ll love it… I’m just scared of the change.

In the meantime, because things will be so busy in the next couple of weeks, Jerry has limited my weekly mileage to 60 just to make sure I’m not overdoing it. I hate having limits, but I know this one is good for me, so I’ll comply :). (I like how he tells me, but then makes a point to tell my husband as well… he knows me well, I sometimes need Nate to watch over and enforce limits like this 🙂

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