An all-time personal best indoor 3k for me. And it felt GREAT! I felt completely in control, strong, and smooth the entire race. I hit 41s pretty much every lap (42s were the goal). I’m normally a really consistent pacer, but I was a little surprised by this just because I haven’t done any pace work lately. But, 41s just felt right, so I went with it.

My previous indoor 3k best was 10:24.35 in late feb of 2003 (really? 8 years ago? wow, i must be getting old).

I finished 1st in my heat by 34 seconds, and 7th overall. It would have been fun to see if running alongside quicker competition (the first heat was much faster) would have pushed me faster, but oh well. My only real goal for today was to get a read on where my training was at — and this showed me — it’s going very well! Plus, it was fun to race for the win, picking off girls as I tried to lap them :).

Now, time to head to bed. Nate and I are going up to Boulder Lake tomorrow for a ski race… not looking forward to it, it’s supposed to be about -10 degrees at the start :(. Can winter please be over soon?

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  1. True, hadn't thought of how hard it is to run your own pace when you're in a pack of runners.

    And now, Steve, we'll both have an indoor PR in the 3k at the U! (never mind that yours may have been a few years before mine 🙂

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