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Greta was in a particularly bubbly, curious, loving, and happy mood one night last week. It was one of those “I’m so in love with our little family” nights for this mama :). 
For those of you that know Greta, you know that she truly loves life. She is rarely in anything but a super happy mood (even with double ear infections!). She is sweet, kind, smart, loves to learn and explore, and yet also loves to give giant bear hugs and snuggle up for a story (or 5). Her laugh is so precious, and her “hehehe” mischievous laugh just as much fun to listen to. Yeah, I know I’m biased, but really – we are so blessed to have a kid like her.
As Nathan and I put her to bed that evening, Nathan says, “You are one very special little girl, Greta! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!”
Greta curls up with one of her blankets and murmurs back, “I love… my blankie”. 
Ha 🙂
Nathan and I comment all the time on how easy of a baby and kid Greta has been. It’s been a wonderful (almost) two years. Some of my more recent favorite pictures:
This picture captures her personality so well. You can practically hear her squeal of delight as she watches Grandpa come up out of the lake at the cabin.
Love this picture 🙂 Dressed up, ready to cheer for TC10/TCM in 2015.
It’s hard to find a picture of her where she isn’t smiling. Not exaggerating.
Swimming! Her new favorite activity!

Everyday when I pick her up from school: “Swimming?” (lessons are Tuesdays and Thursdays, so 2/5th of the time, she’s right!

Hanging out with Craig, aka “Ca-ga”. She will ask at random times, “Ca-go skiing?”. I usually respond with, “I don’t know – but probably”. Because he probably is 🙂
The morning before having tubes put in her ears.

Since this, NO ear infections or doctor’s visits!

Her “My first Easter” outfit pants finally fit her.

And yes, that is a doll wearing a cow suit. Nathan’s aunt found it for her. Seriously? Someone makes dolls wearing cow suits? 

YAY, track meets!
Proud of herself for her 3rd place finish at the Northfield All-Comers meet this Summer.

Nathan and I have talked about this a little bit, but one of our fears with bringing baby #2 into the world is that it might somehow change her disposition. 
We chuckled as we thought ahead to a potential C-section scenario: if it’s scheduled for Friday October 14th (Northfield does cesareans at 39 weeks), we’ll likely drop her off at school Friday morning and then head to the hospital together. Sometime before the end of the day Nathan or a grandparent will pick her up and bring her to visit…
where she’ll find that her world has changed a little bit :).

Say, WHAT? I’m getting a baby brother or sister??

I’m sure she will grow into her big sister role well. She loves to help, so I think we will make a point to make her feel like she is helping us to change/feed/etc baby. She is very much a daddy’s girl, which might work out in our favor – perhaps she won’t be as jealous of me when I’m feeding/holding the baby? 

Another thing we have thought about: making sure she still feels very loved and special. Right now she’s pretty spoiled with the amount of love and attention she gets.

36 weeks!

I know the transition isn’t the biggest of deals, it’s just been on my mind lately. If you have any tips on how to introduce a new sibling into the family, I’d love to hear them!

Until then… just 17 days until potential C-section! Yikes!

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