Game On – 6x1000m

During my very slow COLL performance, I had time to think about why I wasn’t performing as I had hoped. One of the things I decided was that from that day on, I needed to make the most out of each and every hard workout in my training schedule.

Since Grandma’s, Jerry has had me putting in great base mileage, with a little VO2 max work thrown in. It’s not that I haven’t given it my all in each of those track sessions. I have. It’s just that I need to make SURE that I am working as hard as I absolutely can. Digging harder than I have before, running as smoothly & strong as possible. I have 18 weeks until the Trials. In some ways, that’s a long time from now (4.5 months!) — but in another, I know weeks FLY by, and 18 seems like such a small number…

So for today’s track workout, I did 3 1000m repeats by myself back & forth along a flat stretch of Red Wing over the lunch hour. First one: 3:34. My legs couldn’t move. I told myself that didn’t matter. I know I can be stronger than this. #2: 3:23 (perfect! Right on pace!). #3: 3:19 (a little downhill?). Nice!

I jogged back over to the YMCA, as I knew the lunch time runners would be gathering. My hope was that they could help with the last 3 repeats.

They are the best. No question about it, they all jogged to the start with me. Some just jog back and forth, others start before me & allow me to chase them, others line up along the course & join me as I catch up. How cool is that?

#4 was 3:20. YES — that’s the fast range I’d like to be hitting for these. My legs are feeling it at this point. #5 was 3:15. I was elated. This is the fastest I’ve ever done a 1000m repeat! I didn’t allow much rest for #6, and felt it: 3:26.

What a fabulous workout. My lungs burned and I can truly say I gave it everything I had – success! A huge THANK YOU to the YMCA group for your help in making that happen, I am so appreciative of and humbled by the help. This journey would not be nearly as much fun without the awesome support crew(s) I have :).

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