Because of the move?

I took 2 days off because of the move. Wow, how do we have so much stuff?? [Aside: when we drove to our closing, it was literally -20 out, without windchill. Yikes!] Luckily, we had a lot of help, but it still took 2 full days. I meant to try to run Saturday evening, but I was completely exhausted.

It’s the first 2 days I’ve taken off in a row in a LOONG time!

I ran Sunday for the first time, and went 16. My pace was slow — 8:20-8:30s. I haven’t run that slow in a while (can’t remember the last time), but figured it was both 1. Because it felt like -10 out, I had a ton of layers on, and it was windy, and 2. Because of the move. My quads were really dead after the 16, which is also weird, since 16 isn’t even that long.

I ran Monday evening again, and same thing. 8:25 averages. Weird. I felt like I was moving pretty decently! Guess the move takes more out of you than you think!!

I’m going to try to run hard tonight, we’ll see how that goes. I’m just going on “feel” now, so if my “hard” this week is a little slower, that’ll be fine.

On the bright side, I absolutely LOVE our new home! I feel so at home, even though it’s a complete mess and there are boxes everywhere. That’s a really fun feeling — the last 1.5 years I’ve just felt unsettled and not completely “at home”. Not sure why (probably because I didn’t let myself call it home because we didn’t officially own the house?), but I’m loving the difference!!!

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