My Voice of Reason

Yesterday Nate and I met up with Craig for a long run. They were going to do 17 as they have Grandma’s marathon coming up in 11 short weeks.

I waffled between going with them for a part of it, or doing my own run with Mesa. I had been throwing up again the night before and my stomach wasn’t 100%.

But, I decided that company makes everything better, so laced up and ran out the door with them.

Immediately, I could tell that this was harder than normal. Ug. What is this? I looked down and saw we were running at ~8 min pace. Could that be it? I know my “easy” pace is now 8:30s, so that could definitely be it. I sent a silent message to Mesa to “Pull!!” 🙂

Practicing for the Fast and the Furry 5k at the end of May! Mesa will definitely need all of her strength/pulling abilities then
Another picture from the Fast and the Furry. I just love how proud Mesa looks 🙂

 At 3 miles, my HR spiked to 185 while running up a hill with them. I was out of breath & just WORKING. I told them that I’d just drop back at that point, but they were okay slowing down the pace as well.

They kept me talking through 5 miles, which kept my mind off my nauseated-feeling self (and also my mind off of my effort…). At 5, I decided to turn around to head back for home, even though I wanted to go longer – 10 used to be a walk in the park! – I figured it had been a few weeks since I had done something long. Better to error on the side of short vs. long.

The 5 miles back seemed to take forever. I slowed the pace to 8:35s, and still my HR hoovered around 180. At mile 8, I noticed I was running 9:00 miles with my HR still in the low 180s. What?!?

I made it home, drank a ton (it was warm out!), and then felt the need to crawl into bed. I was cold, and my brain just wanted to shut off.


Nate got me up ~20 mins later when he returned. He looked at me quizzically.

Q: Why did I feel the need to go 10 today? A: The plan was 8-10, and honestly, I felt like a complete cop-out not at least doing double digits when you guys were doing 17. Definitely pride. Definitely ego.

His response: do you think either I, or Craig, cares how far or how fast you’re going now? Or anybody? I know you feel the need to prove you can still do this, still want to work hard, but you are PREGNANT.

Q: Did you consider slowing down even further at the end? Walking? A: [pause] Actually, no, I didn’t… guess I’ve conditioned myself to think 9:00 miles should be “slow enough”

His response: Maybe next time when you see your HR climbing so high, you could take a 1-2 minute walk break. Or just slow your pace down even further?

Then he talked for a long time. He reminded me that even though “I used” to be able to run ~17-20/day, that running “used” to come easy, and that 9:00 miles “used” to be considered too slow, that things have changed. My body is slightly different, and my physiology is different. I will handle heat differently (probably a BIG factor during that run, I am guessing). I have never been pregnant before, so I am NOT allowed to compare myself to pre-pregnancy distances or times.

And most of all, I need to listen to my body more.

Thanks, Nate, for being the best voice of reason. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without you!

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  1. Nate was not my voice of reason. He decided that after 14 miles it would be a good idea to start dropping sub 7:30 miles the rest of the way home.

    Hope today was better for you!

  2. Nichole – Nate is right do not compare who you "used" to be or who you should be. Just be Nichole and trust your instinct and Nate. You and Nate are embarking on the birth of a miracle, who care about mileage and pace. You are and always will be an amazing runner. Right now you have new priorities and go at those goals with the passion we all know and love you for. I am all too familiar with the "used to be" feelings and it's OK. Just know that you are where you are supposed to be, so embrace the journey 🙂

  3. I don't have to be your voice of reason Craig. You aren't pregnant. 🙂 I just wanted to get that crazy run over with.

  4. You'll be super fast post baby, so don't worry about getting progressively slowest when you are pregnant. Running, at any slow pace, during pregnancy means huge fitness gains after baby. You'll be so motivated and so rested, you'll be doing amazing things while being a super mom. Put up the garmin and enjoy the relaxed running!

    1. This has resonated so well with me! Since you commented here, I've thought on every run: every mile that I CAN do is making me stronger/more fit for post-baby. So, thank you for this comment!!

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