Perhaps spoke too soon…

I may have jinxed myself when I said I have been feeling great.

Week 11 has started off a little rough. First, food has sounded completely unappetizing.

Nate was wonderful and brought home a chocolate pastry and two containers of ice cream last night. “You need to be eating more!” was his decree.

Can’t remember the last time I’ve had a pastry AND chocolate ice cream in the house at the same time!

I started to make dinner, but then all of a sudden I needed to lay down. Fast forward a couple hours, trips to several stores by Nate to find ginger ale, and I found myself ending the night throwing up into a garbage can while trying to fall asleep.

I don’t think I’ve thrown up in a LONG time.

Today was more of the same. *Sigh* I tried to eat lunch, but that came right up. Along with the 4 strawberries I choked down for breakfast. Throwing up when you don’t have anything in your stomach is NOT pleasant. I’d forgotten that feeling.

I also checked my weight, and I’m down ~3 pounds (now below pre-pregnancy weight). Here’s hoping it’s just the flu and not the start of morning sickness. That shouldn’t start at 11 weeks, right?!?

Thinking positive! I’m hoping to be feeling better and be out on the roads ASAP!

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  1. Morning sickness is usually more prevalent in the first trimester. So 11 weeks isn't too early. In fact, I'd say you have lucked out going this long. I usually got sick from about week 7-13. And don't worry if you have lost a few pounds. The baby is small and doesn't need too much at this point. Just stay hydrated and try saltine crackersif nausea strikes. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

  2. Ugh. I'm so sorry. The good news is that this is a good sign your body has kicked up the hormones. Tell your OB that you're throwing up. It's normal but there are different levels of morning sickness. If you're normal this will pass in a few weeks. They do mostly worry about dehydration at this point. I was really really really sick for a full 7 months with my daughter and had to take an anti-nausea medication (zofran) which was a lifesaver. In other news my suggestions are, ginger ale, sprite, green apples, applesauce super weak tea my choice was peppermint, small mild crackers, rice and bananas. They call this the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, tea). I ate so many saltines while I was pregnant that the sight of them still makes me nauseated and my daughter is 10. That's perhaps not helpful.

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