TNC Endurance Retreat!

Registration closed this weekend, but I still have room for ONE more female and male… if you are still interested, email me ASAP! 

I am so, so, SO excited to host this, and I know it will be a ton of fun!!!


~5:30 PM or so, depending on when people arrive: easy run 30-40 minutes.
7:00 dinner
8:00 fun, games & strategizing over morning workout:
Hat game, board/card games with chances to “win” your way into or out of household tasks/chores. 
For workouts, I’ll have suggestions and paces for everyone, and we will review individually and as a group.


8-9:00: light breakfast
9:30: hard workout (7-18+ depending on where you’re at in your training cycle). For those done early, consider bringing a bike/rollerblades to cheer on our mid-marathon-training folks!

~12:00: utter exhaustion and happiness over a workout well done! Oh, and post-workout smoothies/shakes 🙂

~12:30: lunch

Afternoon: fun around the cabin. Napping, relaxing, puzzles, reading, etc.
Also fun outdoor activities like kayaks, canoes, badminton, bocce ball, and bean bag toss!

3:30: STRENGTH COMPETITION! (Lots of cheering … and laughing at my expense as I attempt a pull-up :))

4:30: 30-40 minute shake out run or bike, optional

Evening: Dinner, drinks, and fun. Cards Against Humanity, anyone?


8:00: light breakfast

8:30: medium length run, drills, strides

10:30: 2nd breakfast

For those of you travelling/with other commitments Sunday, you are welcome to leave at any point! For those without, you are welcome to stay as long as you’d like. We will have sandwiches for lunch (packable for those hitting the road).

Food: (included in camp fee)

Meal ideas inspired by The Planted Plate!

Breakfasts: Quinoa w/ nuts/berries, oatmeal, french toast and egg bake, Seven Sundays Muesli
Lunches: Sandwiches, soup, veggies, fruit, chips
Dinners: Kabobs with stuffed potatoes, Indian Curry w/ Salad and Dessert
Snacks: Fruit, Veggies, Yogurt w/ Muesli, Pretzels, homemade granola bars, Rice Krispie bars, Vegan cookies
All meals will have the option of vegetarian/vegan options.
… a GREAT way to try out these wonderful sponsors’ products!! 
Camp Cost:  $150/person.  Food/lodging for the weekend included!
You know you’ve been thinking about it… now is your chance! I PROMISE, it will be a lot of fun 🙂 🙂 :). I look forward to the first male and female RSVP! 🙂

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  1. I SO wish I could go on this retreat with you. I know I would have a blast! However, I don't know that I could play Cards Against Humanity; I think I'm too naive and sheltered (are those the right words?) for that game!

  2. I'm seriously depressed now that I read the schedule of events….I'll be crying to myself wile I'm stuck working on a Saturday 🙁

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