Seriously Unmotivated

Yesterday was not my best day…

I’ve been really tired lately, and I’m not sure why. This week my miles are down, and I’m not super stressed about work or anything else. Anyway, lucky for me that yesterday they were giving out free coffee in the morning at work. Otherwise I don’t know how I would have made it through the day. Even with that caffeine (I normally don’t do coffee or a lot of caffeine), I was moving much slower than usual and my brain wasn’t functioning normally.

Fast forward to the end of the day: I get home, throw my stuff down, and then proceed to dilly-daly around. I RARELY ever waste time like this, unless I’m really tired. So, I convince myself to lay down for a nap (by this time it’s nearly 7). I set an alarm, but sleep through it, not getting up until about 9pm. Great nap, though, definitely worth it since my head is much clearer now. I flip on the TV and try to motivate myself to get into my running clothes. Here’s where the struggle comes in. UGGG, I really, really don’t want to. I’m just fighting the idea – hard – for over 25 minutes. I keep telling myself: You should go, Nichole. You haven’t missed a workout yet. But my brain just wants to kick and yell and fight against the idea of a workout (doesn’t help that it’s a speed day and it’s already 9:30).

Nate finally gets me out of the door. We do a 3 mile warm up, and then proceed back into the house for water/to stretch. I make the mistake of sitting down. Needless to say, the same inward battle comes up when I try to get myself out the door again. Luckily, I have Nate there, and he’s able to coerce me into going (by now it’s 11:00).

So, I did it… 1.75 miles shorter than “the plan” and not as much speed as the plan, but at least I got out there. Hopefully I won’t have another one of these days in a LONG time :(.

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  1. Hey Nichole.

    It’s Jen from college. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am loving it.

    This post is great. Although my running goals are a little different than yours (20-40 minute walk/jog a few times a week), we all have our internal struggles!

    Running means something a little different to all of us. Lately, my running is just an excuse to separate from the baby for a little ME time.

    I am so happy for all your achievements. Inspiring.

    Don’t worry about wasting time…life happens in wasted moments. Thats what I learned from motherhood.


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