Updates – a Nutrition Page – and Motivation Monday!

Training has gone a little better since my last post, so that’s great!

did just two workouts written from Chris this week. We’re specifically
taking it easy as I’m not ready to jump into anything defined yet,
either physically or mentally.

The first workout was a
7.5 miler with a progression HR build. I’ve asked Chris to write my
workouts based on HR for a while just because I think I’d be a little
bummed to see where I’m at pace-wise.I’m really terrible with seeing
times on my watch that I don’t like… especially when you remember
being faster, feeling better, etc. And yes, I know – it doesn’t matter
how fast I am now. I have to start somewhere! But it’s still hard, ya

This workout was meant just to see where HR was at at varying paces. It ended around 183-185 bpm, which for me isn’t too high (about MP).

Trying to be diligent about using Garmin Connect for all of my runs now, especially now that a lot of runs will be done via HR targets. It’s really quite slick!

The second workout was a 10 miler. The longest
I’ve run since Chicago, and the legs actually felt much better! The
weird muscular clumsiness has progressively become better. Now I’m just
trying to loosen up the tight hip and hamstrings (the right hamstring is
screaming at me for running on off-kilter hips for too long!). This is
something I’ve dealt with before, though, and know how to tackle it, so
that makes me excited!

I’m re-using Jerry’s taper for
Chicago for this week. Not that I’m really “tapering” from anything, but
I’ll pretend like I am :). No carb depletion/load for this marathon
either, as the focus is on just trying to feel better every day.

I took time this weekend to finally draft a Nutrition page.
Take a look! My hope will be to continually add to this page as this is
something I’m particularly interested in. If there are things you’d
find interesting to have there/add, please let me know!

And, for a third week in a row (applause, please), Motivation Monday! No excuses. Get out there and get after it.

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  1. I will be thinking of CT when I'm out on the road (and yes, I'll be out for more than 20 minutes!) Gotta get me somma dem pipes! Whoa.

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