18:05 and 18:10

Yesterday’s workout:
35 min easy
18 min tempo
40 min easy
18 min temp0
1 mile CD
= total of 16 miles

I know my tempo pace has quickened, but I was surprised to come through the first tempo session in 18:05 for 5k (I wanted to go longer than the 18 minutes just to see what I did 5k in). 18:05, really? Perhaps I went too hard, I thought to myself. I’ll pay for that in another 5 miles.

The second tempo was just as quick and easy, though — 5k in 18:10! That’s awesome! Before TCM during a similar workout I averaged 18:50s for 5k tempos. Another fun stat to note: 1 week before TCM last year I did a 5k and finished in 18:07. My training log noted that I couldn’t move any faster.

Nice improvement, I’ll take it!

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