Getting stronger? Or just better able to handle heat/humidity?

I’m pretty sure before most of my workouts this cycle, I’ve wondered if I could actually finish them. Today was no exception.

20 miles total: 2 WU, then 2×10 minutes at tempo, 10 miles easy, 15 minutes at tempo, 2 CD.

I tried to do this about a month ago, and failed miserably. It was a really hot day, and either my body was tired from earlier in the week or it couldn’t handle the heat and humidity. Even on the first 10 minute tempo pick up I couldn’t hit anywhere near 6:15 (high end of that pace range). The last 15 minute tempo pick up was awful. 6:45 pace, and I couldn’t go ANY faster. I ended up packing it in & just going easy.

Today was much, much better. First 10 minute pick up was in 6:13 pace. Second was 6:07. Then 10 miles, nice and easy, exploring the bustling city of Hay Creek and Highway 58 south (actually very nice running!!), and then back to try for the 15 min. It actually went great! 6:12 average, covering 2.42 miles. 2 mile CD, which was a little bit of a death march. It’s really hot/humid out at this point, and I just really, really want to be done!! 🙂

So… yeah. Another seemingly too hard workout completed!!!

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