Maybe not as good as I thought?

Just out of curiosity, I plugged my 20 mile time into a few race predictors…

Running for Fitness: Puts me at a 3:00.47. Puts my training partner, who ran a 1:24.50 1/2 marathon at the same race, at a 2:58 :(.

Running times: Puts me at a 3:01.35 (again, pegs my training partner faster than that)

McMillan running: Puts me at a 2:59.35 (whew!)

So, what I take from this is that I need to be even more mentally focued on that 3 hour barrier than ever!! It’s taper time, but that means that I need to start doing everything right: sleeping enough, eating healthy, watching my weight a little more, keeping stress low. Eeeek!!

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  1. Remember that you only started “racing” at the 5 mile mark, and Jenny was out quick from the gun (and had someone with her in a sprint to the finish). I still think that it was a good tune up. You ran the equivelent of about a 3 hour marathon for 20 miles at the end of 3 huge weeks.

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