That was much better: 19:06 5k

19:06 on July 4th at Siren, Wisconsin’s Freedom 5k, good for 2nd place female. Results are here.

6:06 pace for last .1

I was really happy with this effort, especially considering how poorly the last 5k went.

I feel like my hip is getting stronger, although definitely not 100% yet. I could feel it starting to bog down after 1.5 miles into the race. That was my limiting factor – not my lungs. My lungs feel huge! If only I could take full advantage of them! My HR hoovered right around 192-193 for the last mile. I know that my max HR is much higher (I saw a 197 on the elliptical last week during a hard workout, after all!), but I’m just not able to move run smooth enough/fast enough yet because of that darn hip.

The good thing is that means that there is a lot more time to shave off of that 5k, then! Just have to keep getting stronger!

After the workout Nathan strapped on his rollerskis and helped me finish my workout for the day.

Total workout:

1.5 miles warm up
5k in 19:06
~1 mile easy
3 miles hard – averaged 7:00
1/2 mile easy
2 miles hard – averaged 6:44
1/2 mile easy
1 mile hard – 6:32
cool down for remaining miles
=12.5 total
HR reached 188 on the post-5k work :(. Hip obviously wasn’t appreciating having to keep working…

Other interesting note: my cadence has been higher as of late. For the 5k I was around 190-195… since 180 is “the ideal”, I’ll try to be aware of this the next time I race.

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