Well that didn’t go as I had hoped… 20:20 5k

20:20 or so at the Musky Festival 5k. I was the second woman (out sprinted at the end). I actually haven’t looked up the official results.

I was so excited to race this weekend! Jerry was kind enough to allow for a mini-taper (i.e. only 64 miles that week!) so that morning I could feel a little extra spring in my step. Problem was, I could also tell my hip was a little “stuck”.

It wasn’t bad, though, and there is no longer any pain in the hip joint.

The gun went off and I could tell immediately that even though my feet had some spring that I wasn’t running smoothly like normal. No biggie, I told myself. Remember when you ran 19:5X at Gustavus a few months ago? You are certainly smoother, and more fit!, than that!

But at 800m, I could feel my left quad (the good one) burning. I must have been limping really heavily onto it. At ~1400m, I decided to stop to stretch out the quad and try to get my R leg working properly. There was no way I could run hard limping like this, so it was better to spend 10-15 seconds to fix it now — plus, maybe I’d loosen it up & actually be able to race! I watched as Nate cruised by me while I was stretching. He reminded me to be smart about running/racing!

Except, no such luck in loosing up the hip and alleviating the limp onto the left leg. I stopped two other times. The rest of the time I ran comfortably hard as I couldn’t really pick it up. Sigh. My HR monitor didn’t register but I’m fairly certain I averaged somewhere in the low 170s for the race (recent max in a workout has been 197). *Sigh*

Between my race and her “Minnow Run” (aka mom carry baby around the block)

I was able to put the race behind me shortly thereafter, but I would be lying if I said that the result didn’t affect my mood greatly. For the first time in my training after Anna, I had some expectations of how this race would go.

I’d run low 19s, beat Nate :), and be able to send a very excited virtual hug with my race result to Jerry.

Sounds fun, eh?

Instead, I ran mid 20s, Nate beat me by ~25 seconds, and I skipped the long cool down that was written (there was no benefit of limping through extra mileage, I thought). I allowed myself to think negatively while walking back on the course to cheer. One negative thought lead to another… you maybe can relate. What a Negative Nancy I am, I thought to myself.

No one likes a Negative Nancy. So let’s let this result be a positive for me in some way, I thought. How?

1. I still won my age group so won a free entry to next year’s race. That’s all I was hoping for in the first place, so mission accomplished!

2. I need to be even more diligent about my PT exercises, stretching, and communicating with my providers. As in: I’m carving out 20 minutes during the work day to do one set of exercises and 20 minutes at night. If I can’t find time for two sets of PT exercises or stretching sessions, I can’t plan on doing doubles, long runs, etc. First thing is first.

3. I also wiped the negative thoughts from my face because we had Greta and Anna in the Minnow run, along with their cousin Simon. They don’t care about winning, PRs, etc – and shouldn’t! So why should they see their mom/aunt bummed about a race result?

4. I may consider going to see a different chiropractor this upcoming week. There is a business that I’ve been to before offering a $29 new patient special (hopefully a new injury means I qualify? It has been a few years since I’ve been there) that offers x-rays and a thorough consult. I think the more eyes and brains I have working on this, the better.

Onward and upward, right?

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  1. Yes, good spin on the ups and downs of training and racing. I liked how you turned it all around. That's very good! Also, have you used a hand roller on your hip? Maybe it's not a good place…but I started having issues with my TFL of my left leg and also a pain just below my hip joint…the Trigger Point hand roller has been helping me a TON! I even used it at the half way point yesterday for my piriformis muscles that I could tell were too tight on the first loop. I looked a little funny…but they felt much better within 20 seconds of rolling! I have the regular Trigger Point foam roller (the one you use full body weight, or at least partial body weight on), but that thing has brought tears to my eyes lately…I should have been using it from the get go…but like most things in life…I often want to cut corners…after all…we already stretch our days enough, right? But yes…first things first! Thanks for reminding me of that!

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