First workout with JL!

Jeff, one of Craig’s friends, changed his work schedule around so that he is able to drive down to Northfield every Friday to do a workout.

How lucky am I?!?

Once the ski season is over, we should be able to have a pretty good sized/fast group training here in Northfield Friday afternoons! Let  me know if you want to join us!

I had my first workout this Friday with Jeff. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well Thursday, but we decided to still meet. If I still wasn’t 100%, I’d modify the workout or we would be creative with a reverse pursuit start.

20 min warm up, 10 mins at LT, 3 min rest, 8 mins at LT, 3 rest, 6 @ LT, 3 rest, 4 @ LT

I could tell on the warm-up that I was in a little bit of trouble. I looked down at one point to see my HR at 185! I didn’t “feel” sick, just felt nauseated the day before (NO, not that kind!), and stuffy Friday morning. I just asked Jeff to slow down, which he was happy to do.

For each of the LT segments, I just kept my HR in the zones I was supposed to: 190-195. It was a little disappointing to watch Jeff race off in the distance while I was hardly moving (yet obviously working!). Here’s the change in me: last year at this point I wasn’t doing things by HR, so would have killed myself trying to keep up or hit specific paces.

Jeff and I did out and backs for each of the segments so that we would still be able to work off of each other. That worked great.

The only segment he passed me was the last one, with 20 seconds to go. Here’s where I let myself go and just tried to GOOOO! HR topped out at 200 on that one. Oops!

High fives and smiles all around :). LOVE having training partners!!!

To celebrate the rest of Valentines day:

We actually “celebrated” earlier in the week, since I really dislike forced holidays; I’d much rather be surprised or give a surprise on a random day. Plus, I’m not exactly a jewelry or expensive-dinner/gifts type of gal.

Nate knows that, so surprised me with my grocery list on Monday (since I still am without a vehicle), plus a chocolate pastry, a container of greek yogurt, and a small potted plant :)!! I was pumped. The pastry didn’t last long, so hence the reason I only took a picture of the yogurt 🙂

Spring is coming!!!

For the actual holiday itself, we made a great meal together and Nate picked up “The Armstrong Lie” from a Redbox. Very interesting (and sad) to know all that went into being the best and what lengths were taken to cover it up… I hope I live to see a time when all sport is clean. I’d recommend it!

In other life news:

Nate and Craig were nice enough to let me tag along to watch the Mora Vasaloppet last weekend. Nate won the 35k skate overall, and Craig won his first horse in the 58k skate. It was really awesome to watch Nate’s finish, where he out-sprinted 3 other guys for the win 🙂

his award along with the woman’s champion (who just had a baby a few
months ago – wow!)! I’m really proud of how he has been skiing this

 Now, though, going to get out for my run, then it’s CAR SHOPPING all day today! Yeah!!

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