Mental Prep

I picked up my race prep CD from Dr. Asp yesterday.  I was so excited!!

I listened to it for the first time right before bed last night.  I knew that was a mistake, but that was the first time I had since picking it up and wanted to start committing it to memory as soon as I could.  The CD itself is a whopping 23 minutes long (!!), so I ended around midnight (oops… wasn’t so good about getting to bed early).  I then laid awake for nearly 45 minutes thinking about things, visualizing the race further, and really thinking through what Dr. Asp had to say.

Dr. Asp has really perfected his visualization CDs, even since a year ago when I first started working with him.  I think he’s just worked with so many other runners/athletes now so has new perspectives and knows how to address common issues/beliefs (even if you don’t know they are there!).  This CD in particular hits on everything so perfectly – he’s incorporates all that we’ve talked about recently, things that have worked in past CDs, races, etc.

I am SO glad I have him on my “team” & his work has become an integral part of my race prep.  It’s already changing the way I’m looking at the race (an opportunity to lay it out there vs. being scared of starting with the professional women, wondering if I’ll be fast enough).  I can’t wait to see what it’ll change in me in the next coming days.

(I just need to find time earlier in the day to listen to it!)

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