Trying to Hydrate

I decided to give myself another evening off. I went back and forth about it today, and decided that I’d allow one more rest day. Am I just being a wuss? I decided I wasn’t, that this was a fatigue I’ve never felt before, and thought that taking one more day off would be best.

After today, I just need to get back to it. If the legs are still dead, so be it, I’ll just run slower and take it easy until they turn around. I’ve at least given them a good head start on recovery by taking 3 unscheduled days off in the last week (a LOT, lot, LOT! for me).

Few other changes I’m making:
1. WATER: I was SO proud of myself today. By about 2, I had consumed 2 water bottles, plus a 8 oz. ounce coffee/ 8 oz. powdered hot chocolate mix (my home-brewed empty calorie concoction/splurge most mornings). That amounted to about 55 ounces of liquid. The most that I’ve had in a LONG time! I was annoyed to have to hit up the bathroom so often.

But then I got a perfectly timed note from a fellow Run N Fun teammate. Said she had read my blog and that I should be trying for a gallon a day! Really?!? Prior to this, I think I’d been averaging about 25 ounces at work, and maybe another 25 at home? Probably less during the move. So, this is something I can change. It’s sort of fun to have a goal to work towards during the day. Only complaint: Today, with my measly 55 (I’m now up to 90 and working on the last 30), I went to the bathroom every 45 minutes, I swear!! Oh well, guess there are worse things than being known as “that girl”.

2. Food in general: This same teammate also commented on making sure calories count. Not counting calories, but just making sure they’re all doing something good for me. I had let that get away from me. Most days I’m pretty sure I’m not getting my daily servings of veggies/fruits or protein. Too many “quick” foods, and too much snacking of bars and other goodies left out at work. I’m SO weak when it comes to brownies or other baked goods left out in the break room!!! Again, something I can easily change now that I’m re-focusing on it.

3. Making sure I get enough rest. Enough said.

And hopefully with the combination of 1, 2, and 3, I’ll be back to my old self again soon! Can’t wait! There’s NOTHING better than the feeling after a long, hard workout/week of workouts 🙂

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