A last double digit run?

Monday 8/15/16. 67 days to go.

I knew it was going to happen at some point. Well, maybe I knew, but I guess I hadn’t really thought about it.

Monday night, 30.5 weeks along. Feeling a little… large.

Let me recap the day:

I woke up at 6:15 to meet with Ryan, a new running partner, for a run. My original goal was to run 8 easy miles, but gave myself the option of going 10 to get my long run out of the way for the week.

Having someone to help you through 80% of a long run is SO MUCH easier than going out and tackling all of it alone!

I was a little tired from the get-go. It could also have been that we were moving a little quicker: low 8’s. Ryan is getting in shape! Oh no! 🙂

I stopped to walk and stretch a few times during the run. I dropped Ryan back off at my house at 8 miles and then decided to keep going to get that darn 10 miler out of the way. I slowed to 9 minute pace and took another walk break 1/2 way through.

I finished and was really proud of myself! 10 miles done in sub 8:30 pace at 30.5 weeks pregnant. Not too shabby 🙂

Then I headed off for a busy work day. After I picked up Greta and arrived home, she wanted to bike. [BTW, I found this bike in a free pile in Northfield one day during a run! What an awesome find! And YES, it was a legitimate free pile. I didn’t just run off with a poor kid’s bike :)] Except…. she didn’t want to turn around. About 1/3 of a mile from home I called Nate to tell him that I thought we would continue in the direction of Craig’s house where Nate was going to stop at after work.

I fully expected that she would refuse to continue biking at some point and I’d be stuck a half mile from our house with a toddler who just wanted to be carried and her bike. I had my phone and Nate was prepared to pick us up if that happened.

95% of the way there, and SO happy!

But – it didn’t! Greta biked AN ENTIRE MILE over to Craig’s house. What 22 month old does that?!?

We arrived to see this happening…

N & T helping M enter through the kitchen window.  They had locked themselves out of the house; lucky for them the kitchen window was open just a crack.


And… he’s in!

We unloaded a few boxes at Craig’s house (he has a spare bedroom we are using as a storage unit while we list the house), caught up with T & M, and headed back home.

Before leaving, Greta found the roller, brought it onto the map, and proceeded to roll over it a bunch. Crazy kid.

I don’t know what it was, but once I got home, I was wiped. Perhaps it was the go-go-go weekend — on top of the go-go-go pace of this Monday? Perhaps it was lack of sleep? Perhaps it’s just being 30+ weeks pregnant…

My stomach was a little queasy and I had zero motivation. I caught up with a few of my athletes, then sat in front of the TV and watched the Olympics while working on baby’s Christmas stocking. There were a million other things I knew I *should* be doing: planning for the new house, de-cluttering our current house, prepping the kitchen for paint, doing dishes…

Instead I happily stitched away! Baby’s Christmas stocking might actually have a prayer of being finished by their first Christmas!

Today made me really think about my running goals for this pregnancy (and post-pregnancy). I had a lot of thoughts swirl through my head – but I’ll save them for another post.
Until then, run happy!

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    1. I know! She has been much more "twitchy" these last few weeks as my mileage has continued to drop. I wish I could tell her that it'll just be a few months before we can start picking it up again!

  1. That's a really awesome find! And free! You look really good at 30.5 weeks. How is the baby measuring?

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