Training week 31 & 32

Time for another mileage/weekly recap!
At the Mendota River Bottoms 5k.

If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong!

Week 31: 31.1 miles w/ 3 days off

Week 31 started off with a terrible 10 miler. I had company for 8 of it, and I was so thankful. Ryan and I chatted away so I only noticed my desire to stop and walk every mile or so vs. every second 🙂

He left at 8 miles and I decided just to gut through the last 2 miles to get my long run for the week done. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because I hate missing a workout that is on my plan. Perhaps I’m too stubborn for my own good.
Greta’s bike adventure. Only my child.

Original post here.

Bike adventure led to witnessing break-in adventures.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 6 miles easy
Thursday: 8 miles easy
Friday: off
Saturday: Mendota River Bottoms 5k! 25:34 on a wet, soggy trail. 6th place female.
TNC at the race! These women are awesome. Not only did they come out to try to run a race through a half-swamp, but did so despite a forecast that looked like:

Kristin (far right) won the 5k for women, and Lindsey finished right behind me. She’s also expecting, so it’s fun to swap pregnancy notes!!
Jeff took 2nd for men in the 10 mile, and Nate and Greta cheered! Super fun day, despite the conditions!

I took the rain and forecast as a great excuse to skip a lot of my cool down miles. Sorry, Jerry. I promise, post-baby I’ll be more dedicated!

Congrats, Jeff! Photo credits: Mountain Goat Running LLC

Week 31 non-training news: 

Breaking ground for the new house!
Day 2 digging

30 week growth scan.

Looks just like me, right? 🙂

Baby is measuring a little smaller (percentile-wise) than the scan at 20 weeks, so we will do another scan at 34 weeks. I’m not surprised; I’m not exactly known for producing big babies!

Current stats:
Head: 12th percentile
Abdomen: 44th percentile
Femur: Less than 3rd percentile (sorry, kiddo!)

20 week stats:
Head: 27th percentile
Abdomen: 44th percentile
Femur: 8th percentile

Nate and Greta canning huge batches of salsa to use up the zillions of tomatoes our garden is giving us! Nate learned to wear gloves while chopping jalepenos 🙂
Week 32: 30.2 miles w/ 4 days off – and the start of big ups and downs 🙁
Monday: 4 miles walk/run. This wasn’t pleasant. I think I took 10+ walk breaks. I wasn’t super motivated and running was just plain hard. My lower abdomen cramped. My calves and shin muscles felt like there was a lot swelling or pressure in them. I’d stop to stretch my lower legs a few times and there was an odd burning sensation. I told myself to just put in a mile, then two (it got easier with time)… and pretty soon I was at 4. I was happy enough with that number to pack it in for the day.
Tuesday: Kristin came down from Minneapolis to have help getting through one of her toughest 1/2 marathon specific workouts (toughest in terms of pace/length and because she is running really tired right now). I recruited Nate, Craig, and Janet to come along. It was so much fun to have a crowd. Plus, I felt good! YAYAYAY!
We ran 3 miles to drop Greta off at school, then started our 5×1 mile (60 sec recovery). I took the workout one mile at a time and was surprised to be able to pace Kristin through all 5 miles. Woot, woot! What a huge change from yesterday!
Wednesday: off as planned. 
Thursday: 7 miles easy.
Tried to capture the hilarity of my size while running. Failed. I swear, it’s a sight.
Thursday night Nate came down with the chills, body aches, and a fever. He went to bed early and as I was finishing up with stuff that evening, my stomach felt queasy. 
Fri/Sat/Sun: I decided to take Friday morning off. I do NOT want to run myself into the ground and get sick! Nope, nope, nope!
Saturday I wanted to head out, but Nate asked if it was the smartest thing for me to do… I still wasn’t 100% (although not anything like Nate!). I happily took a nap instead 🙂
Sunday I completely meant to get out the door. But, it’s so easy to talk yourself out of it when you’ve had consequetive days off! What’s another day, right?
Plus, we were on a roll. Nate painted the kitchen while I de-cluttered the basement. We then tackled Greta’s room and moved two dressers out of our room/closet. We didn’t realize it until mid-day, but we will only have one weekend left to de-clutter and fix things before we take pictures to list our house. Yikes!
So, yep, ANOTHER day off! I feel like that isn’t such a bad thing 🙂
Week 32 non-training news: 
I was sent a few Skinny Coconut Oil products to try. I have been pleasantly surprised to really like  a few of them:

-The Shampoo bar has an awesome aroma that still, 2 weeks later, helps scent our bathroom. It also doesn’t leave a film on my skin.

-The Sugar Scrub (pictured below)! When I first opened it, I thought: what? Am I just rubbing coconut oil and brown sugar all over my legs? Which… I am… but it leaves my legs super soft all day and doesn’t leave an oily feel like some lotions. I highly recommend this – and it would make a great gift!
Sugar scrub. Awesome product!
And – wowzers, baby bump!

I now get comments from people around town when I’m running.

Both Greta’s school director and CSA farmer said someone commented, “Did you see that REALLY pregnant woman out running? Not just running, but running fast!”

They must have caught me on one of my good days 🙂

Basement walls poured. Wow.
The view from the right side of backyard (looking into the walk-out basement)
Total miles for this pregnancy: 1793.7
With just ~8 weeks to go, I’m pretty sure I won’t make it to 2,000… unless I make that my goal. Hmm, to chase a silly number, or not? 2,000 does seem like a pretty cool, round number…

Your thoughts? 🙂

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  1. So – I had to do the math quick. Let's assume I have another scheduled C-section at 39 weeks. That would give me 45 days to get to 2,000 – which would be 4.5/day on average…


    That seems like a lot, but also seems doable if I make it my goal *right now*…

  2. I say after 32 weeks each miles can be multiplied by 2 😉 And if you don't reach 2000, those can be miles that you make sure you take the baby in the jogging stroller!! 😉
    Congrats on the new house! How exciting!!

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