Cancelled :(

I’m sure you’ve seen the news… NYC is cancelled.

I found out after we landed in NYC.  Literally, turned on my phone after we landed and found  numerous text messages, phone messages, and an email from the elite coordinator.

I couldn’t help myself, I broke down and cried.  A very selfish reaction, I know, considering the thousands of people without power, homes, hot water.  Considering the city is still recovering from the storm.

But selfishly, I SO wanted to race.  I have been preparing for months to test myself against an incredibly fast professional field.  To have a breakthrough performance at the world’s largest marathon.  To set a new PR, enjoy cruising through the streets of NY, and again – to do so in the company of the rest of the professional field.  There were 20 invited Americans, and I wanted to see how high amongst that group I could finish.  I thought 15th American might be in the cards, potentially higher if I had a really good day.  I know there will be other opportunities, other competitive fields… but this is NEW YORK.  I so wanted the opportunity & the “life story”.

I’d say perhaps another year, except that Nate and I have been talking about a family… so, yeah…

A lot of the other elites are out at bars right now, drinking.  Ha.  I met A. Carlson from Team USA MN, and he was livid (and planning to head out for drinks).  I, on the other hand, am just exhausted.  My eyes are tired, and my brain is exhausted.  I think I’m going to bed early.

I did indulge in a lot of the hershey’s mini chocolates they had at the hospitality suite… and a lot of lasagna.  That was nice :).  Although, I’m sure I’ll regret it, tomorrow – since I had worked for 2 months to get down to this race weight.

First thing I ate after hearing the race was cancelled 🙂

Here’s hoping we find out more tomorrow.  There’s a press conference with Mary (CEO NYRR) tomorrow at 11am.  Otherwise… suggestions on marathons?  I would really like to race this fall to capitalize on the strength and fitness I have.  CIM (California International Marathon) on December 2nd was the first one that popped into my head… do I know anyone living in/around Sacramento?  Other good/fast races?

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  1. NICHOLE!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I heard on NPR that it was cancelled I got on and saw your post. That's heart breaking. Yes, I agree with you that there is more at stake here than a race, there is a larger section of humanity to consider, but that doesn't mean you can write off the individual effort you've directed toward a goal that was uncontrollably dismantled! I'm slow and fat and even I get upset when I don't race well or something falls through. To have a full time job and still have the discipline to be in the same conversation as the elites…I can't imagine. Tell you what, get a job here at Nike and you will see your running go to the next level. If you're going to be on the elite cusp and have a full time job, this is the place to be! You can get regular runs in with Shalane and Kara. Also I bumped into Elliot Heath in the locker room this week. Geez those guys are fast. Anyways, just floating it out there (no idea of your interest or background) but…;-innovation-jobs

    Again, so sorry, but find a race and knock 'em dead! I know it's soon, but the Philly marathon is one of the fastest courses you'll find…just something to think about.

  2. Caleb! Thank you for the wonderful comment!! Also, thanks for the heads up on Philly – that might be a good one, we'll see what NYC will tell us tomorrow (since they have 100 elite men and women, many the fastest in the world, who were counting on racing…). There will likely be a lot of people looking for fast marathons in the next month or so 🙂

    Hmmm… Nike actually sounds very tempting… and that particular position sounds exactly perfect… (it's exactly what I do now…). Except my boss will probably read this… 🙂

    1. I believe Philly is the flattest major marathon course in U.S. and it's only 2 weeks after NYC. I'll be interested to see if several of the elites go to that race. If you do, best of luck!!

    1. Ha! You definitely can't sport Brooks and work at Nike. We're all about protecting the brand. Literally, no competitors gear on campus. I had to get a new workout wardrobe when I started working here!

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